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Friday, February 16, 2007 

Secular Kashmir - Hiden history!!

'The secular Fabric of Kashmir' - The history most of us unaware of.

Hindhu fanatics and other religious fantics and India-Pakhistan ruling class must answer this Fact.

*1352 - 1373 ==>
Sultan Shihabud-dinhis dynasty ruled the state for 222 years. His army mainly consisted of Damras, Lavans and the hill tribes of Poonch, Rajapuri and Kishtwar. The important commanders who served under him were both Hindus and Muslims, such as Chandra-Damra, Laula Damara, Shura, Syed Hassan and Abdul Raina His two important Hindu ministers were Kota Bhat and Udyashri.

He was tolerant ruler and treated his Hindu subjects generously. It is reported that owing to prolonged campaigns he needed money, and his ministers asked him to loot the temples, but he stoutly opposed the proposal, and to quote Jonaraj, he is reported to have said in anger: "Past generation have set-up images to obtain fame, and earn merit, and you propose to demolish them. Some have obtained renown by setting up images of gods, others by worshipping them, some by maintaining them, and you propose demolishing them. How great is the enormity of such a deed ".

* 1389 ==> (This period is marked by Islamic Aggrsion and Atrocities)
Qutab-ud-din died, and he was succeeded by his eldest son Sultan-Sikandar. It was in the time of this Sultan, that the political atmosphere of the state was vitiated. He imposed Jizia upon Hindus and stopped them to use tilak on their fore-heads. Writes M. Hassan: "In their misplaced zeal for their faith, Sikandar and his minister Saif-ud-din (who was originally a Hindu) were also responsible for the destruction of images and temples ."

* 1420 - 1470 ==>
Shahi-Khan or Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin, ascended the throne in 1420 A. D. and ruled upto 1470 A. D. nearly for half a century. His accession to the throne, proved to be the return of a bright and warm day after a cold and a chilly night.
In the words of Pandit Anand Kaul: "possessed of a broad and tolerant outlook, with a desire to benefit mankind, he ruled with such equity, and justice and did so much to improve the material prosperity of the people, that one can not fail to admire him, his benevolent rule demands special homage in as much as he lived in a period when he had no worthy and enlightened contemporary to emulate. In the world around him, he could have little to help him. He was a potentate encouraged to be tyrannical and selfish by tradition, and especially by the examples of his father, Sultan Sikander. Zain-ul-Abidin was deservedly surnamed Budshah or the great King. In spite of 5 centuries having rolled by since he ruled, his name is still remembered with genuine reverence and gratitude. Take the name of Budshah before a Kashmiri, and at once with a happy countenance he will rhyme it with Pad-Shah ".
Writes another modern historian M. Hassan : " of all the Sultans who sat on the throne of Kashmir, Zainulabidin was undoubtedly the greatest. He ushered in a period of nearly half a century of peace, prosperity, and benevolent rule for his people. He introduced many arts and crafts for which Kashmir has become famous ever since. He promoted learning, music and painting and made Kashmir the centre of great culture. He won the loyality and affection of his subjects who called him Budshah or the great king, a name by which he is remembered even to day by the people of Kashmir. He acquired a halo in popular imagination which still surrounds his name inspite of the lapse of nearly 500 years."

Thsi Sulthn did the following things:
==> One of the most outstanding features of his administration was the just and liberal treatment of the Hindus, who were not only allowed complete freedom of worship, but the Sultan recalled all those who had fled to India in the time of his father.

==> He allowed those Hindus who had forcibly been converted, to return to their former religion.

==> The Sultan banned cow slaughter and permitted the repair and rebuilding of the temples at government expenses.

Do you know what has been gifted for Kashmir due it's religious tolerance?

The Sultan opened schools and hostels for the students. It is for encouragement of arts and crafts that Kashmir will be permanently indebted to the Sultan. In the Hindu times, the valley was equally famous for its arts and crafts but these had greatly suffered in the chaos which lasted for over two hundred years. The Sultan invited competant teachers from countries to Kashmir, so that they could train people here. Among many industries introduced by him, we can mention carpet, paper machine, paper making, silk rearing, shawls, manufacture of gun powder etc. Kashmir became so famous for beautiful designs on silks and shawls that our state acquired an unrivalled fame in Asia.

*1561- 1587 ==>
The last Shahmiri ruler, Sultan Habib Shah, a weakling was deposed by his commander, and nobles raised on throne Gazi Chak, a prominent military General of the time. He was the direct descendant of Lankar Chak who had come to Kashmir towards the close of Hindu rule. The Chak rule began in Kashmir in 1561 and lasted till 1587, when Akbar, the great Moghul Emperor conquered Kashmir.

* 1587 to 1752 - Moghual Period.
and in this period undoubtedly the people enjoyed peace and orderly Govt. There were some rapacious officers, but on the complaint of the people the Moghul rulers immediately removed them. Owing to the long peaceful rule of the three Moghul Kings, hundreds of people now began to come to Kashmir to find mental peace, to regain their health or attain spiritual salvation.

Aurangezeb's reign was a signal for revolts and rebellions in several parts of the country. In distant parts of the empire commenced an era of lawlessness, anarchy and disorder. Many states became independent under their subedhars who founded new independent states. A reign of disorder also started in Kashmir. The Moghul Governors began to loot and plunder the people, and at the same time ruthlessly started a policy of religious bigotry and fanaticism. There was absolute chaos in northern India after the invasion of Nadir Shah of Persia. The people of Kashmir could no longer tolerate the misrule of Moghul satraps, and accordingly when Ahmad Shah Abdali of Kabul was at Lahore in 1752, two Kashmir nobleman Mir Muquim Kant and Khwaj'a Zahir Didmari, waited upon him at Lahore, and disgracefully requested him to bring Kashmir under his control.

* 1752 - 1819 ==>
Afgan Rule Kashmir remained a dependency of Kabul rulers till 1819, roughly a period of 67 years. The Pathan rule is the darkest period in the history of our state. It is true, that all sections of people suffered here during their time, but the chief vicitims of these fiends were the Hindus, Shias and Bombas of Jhelum valley.

It is strange that during this dark period a Hindu also became a Governor here. His name was Raja Sukh Jeevan Mal. It was only in his time that Kashmir heaved a sigh of relief. He was afterwards defeated and killed by Ahmad Shah. The Pathan rulers are now only rememberd for their brutality and cruelity, and it is said of them that they thought no more of cutting off heads than plucking a flower.

This peace is from Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. Every body know What is the political afilifation of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari.
40 Years of Skindar's rule, 50 or so years of Aurangezeb's. Around 100 Years of Islamic atrocity in total of 450 Years(Excluding Afghan rule). The year marked by the rule of Afghans was miscery to everybody. So this is not included. Till today Kashmiri Pandits remind Kashmir of post Indian freedom for it's Cultural rich history and Religious tolerance.

Whom should we blame for this? is it not fault of the ugly politics of India and Pakishtan which opressed the feeling of Kashmiri Nationalism?

Religous Bigotery is the nature of every religion. Even The so called democratic Hinduism Also one among the worst in this regard. Samanam, Pauthama, Saarvaagam, Logaayautham, Sidha are few bore the brutality of Hinduism....

While the Islam not has continues history of atrocity. The hinduism has not even a single day of Non atrocity. Till today it continues with it's religious fanticism regardless of it is in power or not.

What is the meaning of Pet aversion to puja in Tamil, Not allowing other caste people to Temple, and other cultural arrogancy? If those who claim that hinduism is democratic then they must answer why the Village and Rural Small gods are become Sanskriticed while being inducted in to Hindhuism. Why can not they retain their old customs and Rituals. Instead those gods were forced to adopt Brahmanic Customes and Rituals?

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You have chosen to print selective ones ...would mind explaing the 10 exodus of Kashmiri pandits from kashmir ? And the Genocide against them ?

Dear Pawan,

Do you mean to say, I shouldn't talk about the True Secular history of Kashmir? That is not fair.

Did I deny anywhere the Islamic Fundamentalism? or did I deny the problems of Pandits?

Or you have reservation that I have mentioned the terrorism of Hindhuism as well?

This article shed light on the history of Kashmir that is cunningly hidden by the Ruling class.

This article try to give right perception to approach the problems of Kashmir.

Ofcourse, I didn't mention the problem of present kashmiri pandits, so do I for the problems of Kashmiri Islams shot dead by Military and militants.

To say preceisly I didn't discuss anything of sort about the present kashmir.

Indeed I do, by giving a true picture of Historic Kashmir, I let the reader to look the present kashmir in Right perception. that is all about this article. This doesn't speak about either solution or cause.

If somebody likes Kashmir divided by religious line they may get angry with, because I mentioned the true history of 'secular kashmir'.

I just question Why the hell the Secular Kashmir become Religious one all of sudden? Who played the Spoil Cat politics? Who seed this ugly politics? Where goes the ones strong voice of nationlism, that now diminished behind the Fanaticism? How it happened?

Do u deny the Kashmir is not Secular till 1950's or 1980's?

Now it is yuo have to answer Why the so called atrocities on Pandits happened? and the atrocity on kashmiri islams?

And that also started late 1970's(if my memory is correct, or may it is 1985).

Till the date(1980's or 1970) why cannot your Indian government convince the Kashmiri people about being with India?

We had plenty of Time, We had lots of option, But still the ruling class has choosed some other ugly path that made all the things gone worse......

Please answer :-))


Who brought Islam in south asia (Indian Subcontinent)??

KAIPULLA, your language is bullshit and the content is debatable.
What the fuck do you want to tell this world.

//If somebody likes Kashmir divided by religious line they may get angry with, because I mentioned the true history of 'secular kashmir'.//

The Fuck I wanted to tell you is the above lines...

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