Thursday, July 13, 2006 

Are we living at the mercy of their profit?

Recent media hype over BPO industry says IT Act of India should be mabe more stringent. The reason is recent Data theft happened in BPO.

And there are couple of business magazines echoed this sentiment.

Nothing different in these kind of propaganda but the thing is, what they didn't tell, What they didn't Echoed, that makes us to criticise them.

Now a days there are wide spread crtiticism about the treatment of BPO employees. Whenever these criticism araise the above biased media would say that BPO employee are very happy.

But now a problem comes for companies they are the first to criticise and forewarn.

That is one part of the story the other part is the continuation of my recent article about jobs flying out of India. The data theft-IT Act propagande plays a vital role here also.

A recent survey by Forrester says jobs are flying out of India due to the following reasons in their own words(Business India - 12 July 2006).

"Concerns arising out of recent information security breach at HSBC's India centre coupled with high attrition rates and staffing costs could take a toll on the BPO industry, slowing down the growth to between 28 and 30 per cent in the next 12 months, warns a report by Forrester Research. "

The role of attrition rate and high cost are understandable and that is what I mentioned in my previous articles. And based on that only I asked IT employees to organize themself before the ball run out of their court.

But the inclusion of 'Secutiry concern' is a trick.

By including this, they just wanted to make sure the employee feel the guilty of himself(the data theft) for jobs flying out of India.

By creating this public opinion they can somehow reduce the crticism that they fly out of India only because to earn more profit.

By creating this public opinion they can make Employee take responsibility for their job loss(job loss of future, It is not happening now) by blaming himself for job loss.

Though they never share their profit with us, they are willing share their guilty with us.

The data theft- security concern is not the major reason for their shift from India. This is eveident from my previous article.

But there are words in Forrester report itself:

"however, points out that instance of data leakage leading to account theft is a `universal phenomenon' and that security is often much greater at IT and BPO facilities in India than at vendor or user facilities in the US and the UK."

Then wheat is the real reason for flying out of India....?It is nothing but more Profit....

And the same report says Maintenance and Developement outsourcing is going to increase. But those people will also fly away from here one fine day.

Dudes...we are not manufacuring/Servicing any software. Indeed we manufacturing/Servicing Capital(Money) for our employer.

May be your productivity increases to produce more software but if you fail to increase your productivity to produce more Capital(Money), They would sure run away from you.

Still sleaping?? Awake....

Are we living for their profit?
Are we living at the mercy of their profit?
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Thursday, July 06, 2006 

Still sleaping? Jobs started flying away from India

I have mentioned in one of my previous postings regarding the jobs outsourced to India. The lattest news from various sources add value to my points.

In the previous posting I have mentioned that jobs would run out of India due to companies ever ending exploration for new cheap human resource destinations. Now recently Wipro has started a BPO center in Vietnam. Already it has one center in Romania.

There are other companies which joined recently this new venturing phase are ICICI One source, Genpact, Office Tiger etal. Their favorite destinations are Vietnam, Philipines, China, Srilanka, and othjer south asain countris, Countries in Pacific rim etc.

And they are also looking for sites in latin american countries. This is the character of globalisation. The aim of globalisation is to ease the burden of MNCs to find best Profit out of anything even out of a Holocaust.

Running out of India doesn't mean their profit growth is decreased or seized to stop. Wipro BPO's profit for this year is up by 12%(Economics Times: January 19).

One Roy belong to a company called Quatrro says, “Sri Lanka is at the same stage that India was eight years ago with good language skills available at low costs,”.

There are some interesting scenario also happening. Indian companies are started set foot in Europe. They initially said that they went to Europe because India is only a good destination as English speaking talents. But the real reason behind this is VAT(Yes, Value Added Tax).

If it is a problem with Indian VAT system then Indian government would find some solution for the problem inorder to show India's a servitude(Slaveitude). And India is already giving lots of privillages for MNCs to reduce their sufferings due to VAT.

But the current situation is because of changes in European VAT system. This is in Insurance sector and they are expecting Finance sector would also get affected.

There are confrences by various interest groups inorder to take precautionary measures to stop the BPO companies flying away from India. The recent one was a conference by IIM-B(Bangalore)(Indian Express - June 27, 2006).

This is not specific to BPO. This may happen to other IT, and ITES fields also. After all our bread winner is the vicious cycle called outsourcing.

Dudes, try to understand the situation. we are at the mercy of west. Inorder to boast a 8% GDP, despite vast majority people are suffering in villages, we have to give cheap labour to them. And they would leave us in the half way if they find new low cost destinations.

Don't we have self respect. Even american employees are organized under union frist time in the corporate history. They struggled against IBM and retained their legitimate right on Pension.

This is the right time to organize overself and form Unions for the shake of our future welfare. Now the ball is partially(atleast) on our court. This may not be the case after two or three years or may be after five years.


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