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Monday, May 15, 2006 

Workers of Cyber World! Unite!(Atleast with in your cubicle :-))

IBM workers organize to protect pensions
Garrett Lanzy IBM Advisory Software Engineer Endicott,New York says: 'We pressured IBM into withdrawing some of its pension changes and generated congressional hearings.'

He continues....

I’m the technical leader of a team developing and maintaining Internet applications which run on IBM eserver iSeries 400 systems. I am also a member of the local and national organizing committees of Alliance@IBM , a CWA affiliate. I joined shortly after IBM announced changes that would have reduced my pension by about 20 percent and slashed my retiree medical plan from lifetime coverage to just 4 or 5 years.
We asked CWA to help us because it is one of the few unions with significant experience representing engineering and software development professionals, and because its organizing philosophy empowers members to take an active role in determining our future.
We’ve accomplished a lot. We pressured IBM into withdrawing some of its pension changes, generated congressional hearings, and held seminars educating employees on their rights. We also led the mostsuccessful first-time effort by employees in U.S. corporate history to adopt a share-holder resolution opposed by management.
Many times I have been asked, "if you’re upset, why don’t you get another job?" But working conditions are similar across the "high-tech" industry. The only way employees can truly have an effect is to take charge and exercise their rights under the law to organize.

As everybody aware of why jobs are outsourced to India, I would like to mention the tactics of IBM specifically.

Every IT companies have their own tricks to ensure huge profits. Like Wipro - Students Employees, Bulg mixing, 9.5 Hours work.

IBM also has tricks such as - more than 90% utillisation, Banned calling Mobile from office land line, reducing Onsite opportunities, Contract employees, Flexi Timing(meaning - Intime will be ours butouttime will be theirs).

In this as of now the demand for techies are heavy. So some of the tricks that affects employees are kept just as directives(for ex:93% Utillisation) but when the field saturates inorder to retain the growth rate (profit rate) those directives will be followed strictly.

Just imagine how will we face the situation.
Indian IT employee must come out her/his musings about $(onsite), 5 to 6 digits salary, Little luxorious care free life.

She/He has to look in to her/his present and future life. And he/she has to look in to what it costs for the Indian soceity as a whole.

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