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Saturday, March 25, 2006 

Parliament MP are for Sale - Summer Offers - Hurry Up!

I recently read one article. It goes like by comparing Democratic system with Pretty, Young, Gorgeous, Little nineteen plus Dame (girl).

In the article he says that in order to have relationship with that girl who is sitting in the same room where you are sitting, You have to flirt with her. Otherwise chumma if you are looking at her then she won't bother about and there will not be any relationships at all.

The writer says - Like this in order to exploit the full potential of the democracy one needs to participate in that. He claims in India almost 80 % of people not even aware of what is called democracy. So India is not a great democracy- he says. It is a Name shake democracy - He says. The solution he says is a comedy which would yield in to tragedy if applied practically. That’s apart. and he didn't look in to the inherent flaws in our system.

And very important is that he forgets the history that India was a colony(half colony now) and here never happened a capitalist revolution and still 80 percentage of resources are controlled by rural feudalistic authoritarians.

And the Indian freedom itself is nothing but transforming power from colonial master to his loyal representative. Have the date 1947 august 15 made any difference to the 80% of rural mass(at that time) toiling in the village under the oppression of feudal lords. They are suffering the same from their land lord before and after freedom.

While the big mass was hatching its struggle against it's real two enemies - colonial oppression and their allies- the feudalistic oppression(Telungana, etal) the british realizing this made compromise and gave the indian authority to the feudalistic forces. British ensured their trade won't affect...:-))

The answer lies in this historical analysis - why it is that indians are not participating in democracy(voting is become a ritual it doesn't really represents anything of a common people). Because vast majority of people never tasted what is democracy. Though they vote mechanically. Still they either toiling in Darmapuri, Danjavur etc or toiling in Construction sites or Hotels in Chennai, Bangalore etc.....They never ever organized. And they never ever raised their voice against atrocities against them. Except very few stray things.

Then what is our parliament, election.....? As it is said they are name sake only. That is why now a days our representatives(not really) don't like to conceal their decision taken under the pressures from USA, etc(whom they are actually representing). That is why now a days Our representatives take decision with out even having any debate in the namesake parliament (the recent changes (VAT, Patent, Labour reform, Service Tax, Retail FDI etc, military pact, Iran, Gas- manisankar iyer)).

Thus until there is a real change in Indian economic system that release the huge resource (primarily human resource) from the hands of feudalism there will not be any real democracy.
The very first thing that requires in India like country is a capitalist’s revolution. Spread the wing of capitalism to rural..... One would say that is what happening now in India...For those people I request to read the capitalist revolutions and evolutions happened in Europe and USA and compare with what is now happening in India. Then they would really understand what is the meaning of capitalism.

The article attached is in Tamil. Which is written when our MPs caught with red hand while accepting bribe from a News channel. This article analyses why it happens and gives some good perception in to the problem. Please read.....It is really very very good.




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