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Saturday, April 01, 2006 

Milesstones of this week - Focus, The great Achievemets

This week is quiet good for India. We have done some notable achievements.


  • The Sensex crossed the 11,000 mark.
    (And we got advices from USA ambassador, World Bank Director etc about the steps to improve india as great power that the same steps would demolish USA economy. Those people are very very honest and loyal to India. Hmmm... Communists and others opposing are fools).
  • Lakme Fashion Week issued over 500 media passes to journalists.(one of the very very important event happened in India.)
  • India Won cricket Match. (another important nerve recking event)


Those who likes to hear only sweet news about India can close their window now


  • FARM SUICIDES in Vidharbha crossed 400 mark.(Bullshit.. who cares)
    (June 2005 - till date, This month(march) alone 77, last 13 Days 40 suicides, And total sucides run in Thousands)
  • HAL become PUS(Public Utility Service).
    (That is - labours laws found way to trash bin. There never happened any major labour dibutes in HAL before. Then why this PUS - designation suddenly. As already we aware of that HAL is in reform pipe line. there will be future labour disbutes when it(reforms) is implimented. Remember the Tussle in Toyota kirloskar bangalore now)
  • Nearly 5,000 shanties were torn down in Mumbai in the same eventful week. But it drew little attention.
  • Onix Employee strike in Chennai.
    (You cann't get this info any where. Our journalist are very bussy gossiping about cinema and politics. One of the demand is 'Treat us like a human being'. Long live the Sanctity of Privatization)
  • Rabis Vacines are not available in Govt hospital.
    (Regarding this we have published one article on 2003 itself and many mails have been sent. First Menaga banned indian vacines(animal welfare) to give way for smoth ride by MNCs, then International Patents rights implimented. This is the road for MNC. and our people are road side beggers now, deprived of essential medicines. Remember this year budget increased Tax for medicines for AIDS,etc)

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