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Saturday, June 17, 2006 

IT Survivors - Staying Alive In A Software Job

I got one article about IT employees forwarded to my mail.


I didn't Intend. But all these article I got from my friends. Ofcourse very informative.

The previous one is about BPO. This is about core IT field(software devl, Maint and Support).

This writer identifies the problems correctly. But for solution he begs Coporate gurus...

Do you think our employers will find solution for our problem? How it is possible that Azimgi will give less work and pay high as he gets project because the employee is paid less and exploited lot(that the writter himself mentions in his article).

So this article gives a clear picture of our problems. But for the solution it tries to show its servitude, slave attitude. It compromises.

Get the information and we will strive for the solution

The article itself mentions the reason for our problem is what the reason behind the west preference of India as IT desitnation. Then how come our corporate gurus will eradicate those reason (that means, - how will they improve our life at the cost of their business).

If it happens that our Corporate gurus have to decide between our welfare and their business thay will choose the second one. That means, they will shift their business to some other part of the world.

If we unite atleast we could say our grievances and get them resolved until the time come for our gurus flying out of this country.

My opinion is we ourself only able to find solution for our problems not our employers

I would stress again the need for IT union(not the conventional way - We have to discuss to find Neo ways).

Because while we are in the era of IT revolution, we suffer a lot(Even I heard of companies that are not at all paying and/or paying less(2000 ,3000) to their employees(Java etc)). What happen when the field is saturated (The following could expedite the saturation - high attrition rate, slaray hike), And competition become very very high(as companies moving from india to south east asian countries, pakishtan, China, affrican countries etc).

And also beware, now the talent pool is very less. that is why Corporates not much bother about willing to attract techies by paying high and Fakes. (For example: as new project are coming in huge the real talents required for those projects are very High. because the maturity of IT field in India is very very less (Absolute maturity will be around Five to three years). But the project we are attracting requires heavy number of experienced techies... Where will the talent market go? So fakes are available.. and thus salary hike and Attrition rate....employees are enjoying. This is Known as Bangalore Bug in IT HR people. But this will not continue...As years goes even an experienced person would find it difficult to shift his job or to find alternate company. This become evident now itself.)

Salary hike is chumma..One side we expedite increase in Cost of living the other side PC chidambaram insures we are paying high tax indirectly to contribute the unrealistic GDP growth rate..:-) see below one IT employee opinion about salary hike:(taken from the given Link)

"2005-11-04 23:17:54
As for the new generation earning more money - it is just an illusion. When I started working at the age of 23, my dad and I had the same paycheck. However he lived in a huge house given by his employer, all utilities were payed by the employer, and his pension was the last paycheck that he drew, which needless to say is substantial. If I factor all that in, I made considerably less than he did

And I should mention that though our earnings are far higher than our parents, our life is very worst compare to what they lead. Atleast they have penson and peasceful(6 hr /day work) life. But for us?

Another thing is we beleive that ours is really intellectual work. But not really. We are just an external hardware of Computer. So we have high speed, heavy memory and computer like processing stuff but very clearly we are lacking creativity and common sence that a normal person would have.

This also one kind of exploitation. Because we think that we are doing something intellectual but not actually.

As the natural law says the worker' body part that involves in production will be affected(Hand, Knee joints etc). For us it is Brain and Hands.....What is the effect...Stress? Suicides? Sleeplessness?...

As the scenario goes like this....What shall we do...as we believe we are intelligent and even decide the future plans of Our Clients:-))


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