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Saturday, May 27, 2006 

Nationality, Language and the need for New Democracy

This is a reply to http://kappiguys.blogspot.com/2006/05/blog-post_12.html
Annonymus told
//அன்னியமொழி ஆங்கிலம் பேசுகிறாய். தேசியமொழி இந்தி தெரியாதென்கிறாயே???என்றுதான்//

We are raped by british one time. This Hindi-rapists say that as a pretext to make tamil a permanent prostitute.
We won't watch our language, our culture being raped by any body.Learning any language is one's own will.
Regarding 'National Language' As already mentioned in this blog by some body that official India is 'Union of India'(Aikkiya India).
It is a Federation state. That is country consists of more than one Nation.

Nation according to Communism:
1) Common Language
2) Broader Landscape
3) Notable History and Culture
4) A state(govt) to represent the Nation.
The important thing is that how these 4 points are evaluated:

Ex #1:
Jews - at the time of World warhave No state, No broader Landscape(They spread across europe).But they had those two in their history. And they had that ambition to become a Nation.

Ex #2:
Afro-Amricans - They had Broader Landscape, They had common Language, They had common culture, They had no State.All the above came due to the three, or four hundred years of their history in America. Their nationality is different from Africans.

Ex #3:Due to the reason applicable to Ex#2, Tamilians and Eila Tamilians are different Nationals(Though belong to same Race).

May 26, 2006 6:06 AM
bonapert said...
Muse - solluvathu athanayum Dubakooraka(Not true) ullathu.
Kannada language develope ahi ullathaga avar kuruvathey karnataka patriya arivu avarukku suthamaka illai enpathai kattugerathu.
Appurum Mukhiyamaga onru Karnataka is not just Bangalore.
Even in Bangalore it is Feudlist and Imperialists are dominant. That is why most of the people won't like Bangalore as compared to chennai(something they feel as 'anniyamaga').
(Some vedalai payalgal(Aduls) will like bangalore due to its climate and multi state kujilies)
This is because most of Bangalore are previously villages('Hallis'). And still the aboriginal people are living in those hallis.Rural mentality(regressive mentality) in Urban area.
Thus Bangalore exemplifies typical Indian like third worlds, Where Imperialism ally with Feudalism. and National Capitalists die.
This perception will help you understand each and every unique problems of Bangalore and Bangalore like cities(Noida - I am not sure about this Noida)'Muse' never have this historical perception until he shun away his endevours to find answers only in Puranams.

Your writing skills are good..keep it up.

Thanks for your appreciation Maharastra medicos.

I would like your comments on my reservation article too.

I am expecting more fruitfull Interaction with you.

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