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Thursday, May 25, 2006 

Dog Bite - Rabies Vaccine in GH/Beware Imperialist' Rabid Dog!

I got this forwarded to my mail Id. As I feel it is worth sharing, I published.
The Imperialist Rabid Dog - Bit our health sector(Non availability of Anti Rabies Vaccine)

Last week a stray dog at lakshmanpuri in Bangalore that went mad bit 16 peoplemost of them belonging to the nearby slum and majority were children. The victims were rushed to a nearby clinic. From there they were directed to government hospitals for anti rabies vaccination. But what surprised them was the government hospitals didn't have adequate stock of Anti Rabies Vaccine (ARV). They wereturned around, towards four government hospitals in Bangalore and everywhere the story was same. And at last only three of them were able to get ARV injected that too in a private hospital at a higher cost. A boy in salem died of rabies due to non availabilityof vaccines. There are stories coming from everywhere.
India, housing a large number of stray dogs, holds to be the world's capital of rabies. According to a recent report by the World Health Organization, of the 55,000 rabies deaths that happen around the world per year half occur in India. That is more than 20,000 people in India die out of rabies every year. And around 35 lakhs people get treated for rabies in India.
While the government officials say that there is an adequate stock of vaccinein hospitals, the truth is that there is no stock of ARV. And government hospitals have announced that rabies vaccines are no more available. Before we go deep in finding the reason for non availability of vaccine, let us look into the manufacturing process of anti rabies vaccine. Rabies is a virus. ARV is made from Antibodies developed in Sheep brain after injecting them with Rabies virus. The King institute Ooty, is a government institution known for its low cost anti rabies vaccination manufactured using process involving sheep. This process of using sheep for manufacturing medicine eventually kills it after a certain period of time.
During the BJP regime Menaha Gandhi, famed for her animal welfare strides,and her animal friendly organizations like Blue Cross fought against KingInstitute in the pretext of stopping this in-human act of killing sheep for medicine and poor quality medicines, while the actual reason is a ransom of crores of rupees received from MNCs. This is a part of the plot of MNCs to get hold of the world's biggest medicinal Market.
The Story Unveils:
India's pharmaceutical needs are satisfied mostly by indigenously manufactured medicines. Indian medicines are low cost and with high standard, that's why foreigners fly to India on medical tourism. The multi national pharmagiants who occupy the rest of the world may not conquer Indian medical supply asthey cann't compete with our low cost medicines.
Due to this reason they took the other ways. They spread planned abuse over the standard of the Indian medicines. These planned efforts to conquer Indian market starts around 2004. Government stopped the supply of rabies vaccine on the pretext that Indian made vaccines are of poor quality. And it said that government likes to give its people only high quality medicines.
If bread is not available for people then they can eat cake said spouse of the French king 14 Lue. But the government says it likes to give only cake so no bread.This policy of government can be translated to each and every field as follows:"Only basmadhi rice Stop ration rice", "Only kinley water Stop corporation water", "Schooling only at convents Close government schools", "Treatment only at Apollo close government hospitals".
This planned conspiracy against Indian medicine as low quality product was not the finding of Indian government. It was of World Health Organization. This WHO never gave its glimpse on Cigarettes manufacturing, readymade food varieties which are proven health hazards products, and banned, dangerous drugs that are billing up in Indian medical stores, etc. UNO played the role of creating public opinion to justify the war on Iraq. The same way WHO is doing for the conquest of Indian medicine market. Thus WHO is a mercenary of Multi National drug manufacturing companies.
While there is no established statistics to prove the claim of WHO. The medical practioners say that Indian made rabies vaccines were doing good. And side effects are common to all medicines. The interest of WHO lies in the huge market of 35 lakhs rabies patients. That will increase MNCs market from 100 Cr to 2000 Cr.
The Alternative Avathar Intellectual Property Rights(TRIP):
There are alternative manufacturing methods(Tissue method) that are not involving Sheep or any animals. Human Biological Institute(HBI), A government ompany, is manufacturing rabies vaccines without torturing animals. But the essential ingredients required for that process are imported from foreign companies.
During 2005 Intellectual property rights regime came into existence. Now HBI must pay royalty to the three companies (Sides kadila, Avanthis paster, AvathisPharma) which own those essential ingredients. So the aim is very clear that in thepretext of animal welfare, and low quality medicines - Imperialists want to clear the cheapest sheep rabies vaccines and make India fully depended on Vaccine made from imported ingredients.
It used to cost Rs.60 to manufacture rabies vaccine by Tissue method. And it cost only Rs.4 for Sheep Brain rabies vaccine. The government subsides around Rs.51.5. so the people can get the vaccine at a rate of Rs.8.50. Now after 2005 TRIP regime it costs from Rs.350 to Rs.750. Now the ARV is available at around Rs.100 in government hospitals. Now, the government subsidies the rest of the amount, which it will cut gradually as in case of LPG cylinders and petrol, diesel.
The ban on Sheep brain vaccines was not to remove low quality medicines from India, But to remove the low quality people who are unable to buy the quality medicines.
While World Bank restricts government to give subsidies to Agri, Edu, Healthsectors, It is willing to give loans to government to subsidy rabies vaccines. That is on one side World bank ensures the profit of MNCs the other side it ensures that the government will pay the extra money through loans. But who is going to repay the loans? It is we through increased tax (recently PC said the future will be service Tax regime).
Thus now the poor has two options either he has to get loan from local money lender for vaccines or the Government has to get loan from international money lender,WB, for vaccines. That we eventually would pay back."Toss a coin If it is head I am the winner, If it is tail You are the looser" Says World Bank.
Blue - Cross born to Dogs and Pigs:
The restriction imposed on Sheep brain Vaccines was implemented with the help of Blue Cross organization. While they force and ensure no dogs are killed by city corporations. This increases the possibility of a slum dweller being bitten by dog. Which would increase the rabies victims every year, Which is a direct profit for MNCs.
They say yearly around 30,000 sheep are killed. They won't bother about 3.5 Lakhs human victims and 20,000 deaths. Because they are the cross bread of Dog and Pig.
With the help of police they raided King Institute and ensured its non functioning. Menagha gave them(Blue Cross) the legal weapon. Will this group do the same thing for Thamirabarni Coke factory? have they ever act against any of the cosmetics MNCs?
This inhuman group successfully banned Anti venom vaccine for snake bite. Stating horse as a reason. The affected will be lakhs and lakhs of farmers. No need to say India is most affected by snake bite. Doctors say imported Anti Venum vaccines will not work against Indian Snakes.
Rabid Dogs - shoot at sight
The immediate effect of this patent rights regime was seen in the hike of cancer medicine rate that reached Rs.250 per capsule.
The rate of anti rabies vaccine thus increased from Rs.8.50 to Rs.100 and scarcity of vaccine occurred. Now the situation is that we have to wait for the ships to arrive with Anti Rabies ingredients while our victims are dying. This is what happened in Manipur last month, 18 people died due to rabies within one week time due to nonavailability of vaccine. Anti Rabies Vaccine should be injected into the victim's body within 24 hours of bite, and a course of five to follow, failing which leads to the death of the victim within 48 to 72 hours from the symptoms of rabies.
Those who are affected by this shortage of vaccine and its higher price are the poor and their children. But in the context of Menaha and her colleagues these lives are not as worthy as that of the sheep that could fetch them crores of rupees. The government whose primary objective is to serve the big Multi National companies have no time to hear about the chaos of people, it finds itself completely drenched in the service to the corporates.
These animal welfare organizations protests against the killing of stray dogs. So now the dogs are sterilized and not killed. But this didn't reduce the population of stray dogs. And the number of victims is also not decreased. All these had worsened the life for the poor people, who already lost their lives in the village and moved to cities seeking chore jobs and building works.
Nobody is going to take care of this majority of population that suffers for the minority's wealth until; people are organized against the government's negligence and against the greed of the corporates who acquire wealth even from the death of the masses.
Rabid Dogs are always beaten to death in villages. These profit driven rabid dogs Imperialism, Government, NGOs- also need the same death treatment.
Base Article: Puthiya Kalacharam - July 2004.
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well written but when will our people wake up?
also see http://nikins.wordpress.com/2009/01/24/who-let-the-dogs-outwho-who-who/

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