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Thursday, May 25, 2006 

Fate of Human Society - Communism or Death?

This is One reply to Nandhan posting on Communism
Aiyya Nandhan avarkale,

From your article I can able to understand that you don't know communism and also human history(though you say Darwin' philosophy).

The first and for most human society is 'Purathana pothuvudamai somuthayam', Where equal distribution of resources happened.

Darwin says 'the ability to distribute meat(Non-veg) helped human brain to evolve(The role of Meat in the evolution of Human brain).
But that society collapsed when human successfully dominate The nature and due to that private property came in to existence.

Communism do only one thing. It does whatever capitalism promised while it came to authority(with the help of labour).

'The promises of capitalism' achieved in communism by resolving the contradiction between production and consumption.

While production is socialised, consumption still remains privatised(thani manitha sovikarippu) - this is base contradiction in capitalism.

Regarding 'vallan vazvan' comments from other bloogers are enough. But stil I have some more to expatiate:

"வலியவன் வாழ்வான் என்ற கோட்பாட்டை அப்படியே பின்பற்றத்தொடங்கினால் இன்று என்னால் பையில் பணத்துடன் ரோட்டில் இறங்கி நடக்கக்கூட இயலாது, அது ஒரு காட்டுமிராண்டித்தனமான சமூகத்துக்கு வழிவகுத்துவிடும்...
எல்லோரும் மகாத்மாக்களாகவோ, புனித பிம்பங்களாகவோ இருக்க வேண்டியதில்லை கம்யூனிசத்தில், தேவைக்கு அதிகம் என்பதை விட்டுவிட்டு ஆடம்பரமானதை அடிப்படைத்தேவைக்கு என்று சொல்லிப்பாருங்கள்..."

There are natural laws that drive the entire universe. But one thing that differs human from other living being is that we contradict with nature for our confort.

This inclination become very worst in Capitalism due to technology. But still the human society is not united and organized as compared to the Nature. So Nature reverts back with more vengence(Bird Flu, Tsunami, Global warming, etc).

This implies that there exists two fate for Human society:

1) With the present social structure the Human society will loose the battle against Nature. Due to the conflict with in it(human society) and due to the confliction with the Nature.
2) The socialist society will evolove (if the society allowed to evolve naturally with out any human intervention- as it is happening in India like third world - exploitation from imperialism). and the contradiction between nature and Human society will be handled in smooth way in Communist soceity.

So it is not the question of whether communism goes against 'vallan' theory. But it is the question of human existence.
The choice is very clear Death or Communism.
(Muttai(egg) should be allowed to hatch inorder to become Chicken, else Koomuttai) .

Kaipulla or Bonapart,
i hope u remember me. u just posted a comment on my recent post கம்யூனிசம்?, asking me to visit ur post.
ur vison abt communism is somewhat new for me. good. but mine was a question not a detailed vision on communism, that's why the title of my post end's with '?'.
anyhow, for me ur post had given a new angle on communism. thanks.

You are most Welcome Hari,

Do read my other postings and let me know your comments


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