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Monday, May 15, 2006 

May Day Wishes - History

May 1st,.... For some, It is a Holiday.

Have we ever cared about what this Day is meant for? What sacrifice this day has? What human value this day exemplifies?(say, self respect for example).

How many of us remember that whatever the minuscule rights we are enjoying today are the yields of various glorious gory struggles by our ancestors.

But now we loose those rights by looking at illusionary luxurys. We sell our ancetor's wealth for dubious promises.

We are satisfied with the current package of 5 to 6 digit salary, and ready to sacrifice anything for that - Personal life, Health, Our rights, Dignity, Human values(Self respect, Humanity, Social concern). And never like to bother about out future after 10 or 15 years.

Our mind is bogged down with self centered desires encouraged by consumeristic media, and MNCs. We consume everything not because of our need but because of the need of the cult of today. In this artificial euphoria we forget to look at Our society, Our life, Our future.

Ya..We look at our family, But not in a sincere way. Family is not only our father and mother. Our children also our family.

Without our knowledge We loose everything. What do we loose to gain what?

Even US employees affected by Outsourcing are organaized and struggling for their rights though they don't have problem leading thier life or finding alternate jobs.

But we have no alternatives if we loose this job. And don't need to say how insecure our jobs are. We know how sincere Azim and Narayan to thier profits. Tomorrow profits may come from Africa, Philipines, Pakishtan etc.

While the ball is in our court, we have more chances to get back our rights. Now the ball is in our court - that is, companies are in desperate demand for talents, techies.

This is the right time we can organize. This the right time we can demand for our basic rights - Such as 8 hours work/day.

If you think that we can organize when problem comes.....It will be too-late. The ball never been again in our court.

On this precious day.....

May Day Wishes to Everybody!
Salute those who sacrificied their life for the cause of Working Class!
Apeal to the present day Working Class to awake!
(A brief history of the Great Chicago(May day) Struggle can be found in the following Link)

NYIEO1 write more, thanks.

Very impressive and useful. Thank you.

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