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Thursday, June 08, 2006 

Rang De Basanti…... A Revolution born out of Beer bottle - (Film Review)

Rang De Basanti…... A Revolution born out of Beer bottle - (Film Review)

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Right Now, we are having a situation, as time pass is nothing but Cinema, Instead of Cinema is one of the time passes. Cinema is the media, which is spreading the ruling class opinions in to common people’s mind. Rang De Basanti is one of those kinds of films running recently in theaters.

Small overview of the film (For those who not yet watched ….)

A London based girl, who is having interest over the history of the Revolutionary heroes viz Chandrasekhar Asath, Bhagat Singh, Ramprasad Bismil, Asbagulla Khan who fought against the British colonial rulers. She wants to shoot the same as a film and keeping above in mind she is coming to India. With the help of her Indian girlfriend she is meeting some college students to play as the roles of the historic heroes and she got irritated by their inability for delivering the dialogues of the historic heroes. In order to make London girl happy, Indian girl introduces her friend’s circle.

The friend’s circle of Aamir Khan is so colorful. They are Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Painting Artist, rash bike drivers, guys who can jump from the heights of palm tree to water with drinking beer, guys who are enjoying (passing) their life like anything with above activities. The Lover of the Indian girl, Madhavan who is a pilot in Indian Air force is a visiting member to these enjoyable moments.

Fall in the youthfulness of this Friend’s circle, London girl decided to shoot the film with the help of this circle. She also decided to include Athul kulkarni into the troop who is a member of BJP.

Though the circle did not show interest over the documentary film in the initial stage, they become sincere after seeing the seriousness of the London girl. Incidents like Kogari Train Robbery, Attack against LalalajbadiRay, Sander’ killing, Bombing in Parliament by Bhagat Singh were filmed. In the end, the friend’s circle got stunned while seeing the hanging of the revolutionists in the screens.

They were discussing in a HI-FI BAR!!!! about various factors to save the spoiling India. Pilot madhavan says educated has to take positions in Military, Politics & I.A.S Officers. Despite their film activities they continue with their hi-class care free life.

But pilot Madhavan got killed in a MIC-21 flight accident, this incident turns out to be an end for all the happiest moments of this circle. Reports from the N.D.T.V reveal that there were corruptions in purchasing low Quality MIC-21 flight. B.J.P Minister in this connection refusing the corruption and he is blaming the accident is due to Pilot’s mistake.

Shocked friend’s circle conducting a peaceful candle rally in front of INDIA GATE. Students also join the protest. Irritated minister order the police force carrying out lathi charge over them. Many got their head broken. Aged mother of Madhavan beaten to Coma. This entire scene gets compared with the attack against LalaLajPathi Roy.

Angry Aamir khan’ friends Circle, for the first time in their life debating something useful instead of just chatting. They were delivering the dialogues of the revolutionists in real time, which they had acted in the film. Serious debate is going on as it become very hard to differentiate between the scene from documentary and the real one. Finally they decided to kill the minister.

They kill the minister in the same way & in the same situation as the killing of Sanders, which was in the documentary film. This became hot news in televisions and the political world started blaming Pakistan’s I.S.I hands in this killing. Since the real reason for the killing got hidden, the friend’s circle decided to reveal the truth to the world.

On one fine morning, they are force enter and get control of All India Radio Station, and they tell the world the reason behind the killing in a live show. They are answering the questions which were coming with applauds. Government sending the commando force to kill them. All are getting killed with bullets all over their body. They are breathing their last laugh with reminding the revolutionists being hanged in the documentary.

With the help of N.D.T.V. the youth, students from all parts of India were showing their anguish, enrage over the government. They express with lots of emotions the need for “Educated must come to Politics”.

Fans come out from theaters with heavy heart while expressing their bliss about the heroes like Bhagat Singh, Asath were born again from history in a way that pleases their heart.

This film is produced with an estimate of Rs 30 Crore and it was distributed with 600 prints to all over the world targeting urban – especially city people. It gained the money, which is spent for production for this film within a week after the film got released.

Which is the key factor for the Victory of the film? …..

This may be due to the different Storyline. Before we are discussing about things such as how this film is different, what enthralls a viewer, and what kind of political message this film has. We just wanted to give some important information about the film.

  • If the London girl is so loyal to her political sentiments she must have taken the film in Iraq. Okay we can leave that matter but at least while she was enjoying with the youngsters somewhere in the film she could have worried/mentioned about the current atrocity. This argument has its importance, as the sponsor for this film is Coca-Cola. In this film scenes related to Punjab Dhaba is absolutely an advertisement for Coca-Cola. Aamir Khan is an important advertisement model (brand ambassador) for Coca-Cola. After a few days of the release Coke distributed it’s bottle with Rang De Basanti Sticker Pasted in it.

· The same Coke is running a separate Government to suppress the peoples who are fighting in PilatchiMada, KangaiKondan. What a wondering that the same coke is a favorite Drink for our Dream Heroes.

· It shows that Coke is also a part of 21st century’ Indian Patriotism, this illegal sexual affair between Coke and 21st century’ Indian Patriotism is because of Globalization?

In order to narrate the killing of the Minister, who spoiled those friends enjoyment, in a different way the creators of the film had artificially used the history of Asath, Bhagat Singh. Already Hindudhva fanatics are smearing Asath & Bhagat Singh in one side by putting tilak to Bhagat Singh & Sacred thread to Asath. In another side the Pseudo Communists who are doing Parliamentary pooja, are making dishonesty to Bhagat Singh by representing him as an Action Hero for their parties. Now this film is also doing harm to Bhagat Singh for their share.

Gandhi-Congress infidelity gang have many times betrayed and also exterminated courageous struggles of Indian people against The British. Bhaghat singh is the symbol against this history of betrayal and infidelity.

Bhaghat Singh who during his prison times wrote in his diary about his dreams on the socialist government in India and for that the need to mobilize people for that revolutionary work. Now it becomes our duty to rescue this Historic hero out of these false narrations. Bhaghat singh and other revolutionaries were smeared in this film only to sanctify the adventures feelings of the carefree youngsters.

Fans started accepting this friend’s circle within few minutes from the starting of the film. They recognize themselves as one among the circle and they want to join in that carefree circle, or already joined in that circle. The viewers saw themselves only among this carefree circle not among the revolutionary Heroes. The revolutionary heroes gain their admiration from the viewers only because they appear into the friend’s circle through the documentary. As if an oorugai (Tamil) for a wine party.

This is how the upper middle classes in the I.T cities, who get 5 or 6 digit salaries, spend or wish to spend their weekends. There is no wonder that the real life of these yuppies is surrounded by selfishness and driven by the aim of mobilizing upwards is identifying itself in the screen like this. They consider this kind of living as the responsible living for the society.

These youngsters who portray the freedom fighters in the documentary, freaks out often in their regular life and they never feel guilty for their rubbishy life. Instead they consider themselves as already good persons and they are discussing in a HI-FI Bar that it is not good for such a good persons to keep away from politics. Since maharani killed before their glasses get emptied, they kill the minister and become martyrs.

In order to become a minister, one has to cross so many steps after that only he can do corruption but for this upper-class youths there is no such steps, they become leaders in one step. This is the politics behind this film. These Upper class youths who don’t have even a small hint of social responsibility think that the society is declining only because this yuppie class is not taken up the responsibility of steering the society by occupying the ruling chair.

In olden films there will be lot of reasons, incidents, and justifications for killing the villains and only at the end justice will win. But the Upper class doesn’t have that patience. That is why they don’t like democracy. And fascisms & dictatorship are the political doctrines that well suit their interests. In this film also they took guns only because their enjoyment is disturbed otherwise those hands will carry only beer bottles.

We can take the case of Jessica Lal, which was hot in the newspapers before sometime. Mausharma & vikashyadav who were managers in coca-cola company went to a bar called Tamarind Court on one Midnight. Jessica Lal who is serving alcohols refusing to serve as the time is up. Arguments get started. Immediately Mnausharma took his Pistol and shoot Jessica.

After 6 years in this Cruel Murder Case, all the accused got released. Is there any difference between this friends’ circle and aamir khan’s friends circle? What will happen, If Aamir khan’s friends circle went to the Bar and if they have not got alcohol? If they don’t have Gun then it may be end up with a scuffle. Apart from big capitalists & landlords, Manusharma’s friends also tried a lot to protect Manusharma. Here in this film also, friends were having a lot of affection between them. One of this friend’s circles, the minister is interrupting while in the other a bar girl who is serving alcohol is interrupting. That’s all the difference.

Pranai Rai’s N.D.T.V which was shown as a revolutionary T.V in the film, is trying to prove the same in the real life too. In support to Jessica, lots of peoples were showing their protest by holding the candles in front of the India Gate in a peaceful way. Pranai Rai meeting Abdul kalam with the 2 lakh S.M.S in support for Jessica and he is making an appeal for Justice. This was fabricated as a revolutionary act and it was telecasted as a live show in NDTV.

In the economic conference which was held in lavos, the same Pranai Rai join hands with capitalists like Anil ambani and said “world capitalists come and invest in India” and it was the same Pranai rai who interviewed Bill Gates when the later visited India with a emotion that a guy who met God and it was the same guy who got chance to attend when Manmohan singh gave a treat to Bush. How can we call a multinational Capitalists Slave like Pranai rai dissimulate himself as a Patriotic rebel?

There is some middle class politics hidden behind the support by newspapers & televisions for justice to Jessica. Jessica lal is a female and also an advertisement model. There are lots of benefits for Capitalists of this medium by converting the sorrow behind the murder of this girl into the sorrow of the middle class. Instead of Jessica if a boy or poor woman who washes alcohol cup got killed, this issue won’t go up to the level like Jessica’ case.

There are lots of incidents in the past ten years where justice was killed like Mumbai riots, Gujarat carnage, Melavalavu dalits murder, Outrage of Ranbeer sena, and day today suicides of farmers. Why N.D.T.V has not taken any campaign for those incidents and why it has not met president. NDTV also is a sponsor to the film, like Coke. The Jessica lal’s case gave an opportunity to NDTV to emulate the similar scenes of the film in real life. And also there is a chance for the middle class to consider them also revolutionists as they have sent 2 lakhs S.M.S. But at least none of this coward, had raised their demands to hang Manusharma

Their demand is Justice to Jessica lal. That’s all. Evil Justice!

So the reason behind this film’s success and the reason why viewers mingled with this film are best described in real time by the true story of Jessica lal case. There is nothing to describe separately by us.

Translation from: Puthiya Kalacharam - April 2006

Tamil Version of this document is available at


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