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Saturday, June 10, 2006 

Two Pronged Presentations

These Presentations are, I got forwarded to my mail ID.
The Second one is about police brutality on honda labours, which exposes Indian Pseudo democracy.
The First one is about Tamirabarani - Coke issue, which exposes our democractic systems are serving MNC.
The political scenario in Gangaikondan, where the river flows, where the facotory functions, changed dramatically afterwards. The collector even banned the commencing of Kragm(village) Panchayat Saba. The police banned the screening of a documentary(Moolgum Nadhi - Drowning River) on the problem. Police filed conspiracy cases and arrested people for pasting Anti coke posters.
The two are having a strong politcal message. Till date I use to forward these presentations to my New Friends.

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