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Wednesday, November 01, 2006 

Globalisation is doing Bad - Says Prime Minister

For quite a Long time We communist say - Globalisation is just an another way by Imperialism inorder to postpone it's abysmal death Fall.

If you accept the fact that the life expectancy of Imperialism depends on it's continuation of exploitation of resources in third world countries like India, then you would find how dangerous this globalisation process is.

For this claim we are providing lots of proof both from the words of ruling Class as well from the various facts we receive. And I too have given quite a good lot of statistics and constructive arguments to bolster our claim.

Now came a great confession from our Great Prime Minister about the ill effects of globalisation. The same Prime minister who, last time confessed about his illicit blood relationship with Old colonial Masters-The British, By praising Briton for whatever it did for India during colonial occupation. As far as we know from various sources that British did a lot of exploitation and atrocities in India. Some body sitting in the other cubicle might be wondering what the hell in the world made Mr. Prime minister to praise Briton for it's colonial oppressions in India. May be the degree conferred to him by Oxford? No I don't think so. It is the great Lord Machauley who created our Indian Slave education system should be given all the credits for Manmohan's accolade on good intentions of British raj.

Here we should remind that Manmohan is the guy who started all this ill prone liberalisation process by opening up the Indian market to outcast man eaters - The MNCs during the 1990s. The Man eaters already tasted enough flesh from farmers. Soon they would even target their Neo Darlings - Low cost Software employees of India. That is a different story to expatiate. Now let us see what and how our great Uncle Manmohan has confessed.

Globalisation: Some Concerns

These achievements of the era of globalization should not blind us to the new anxieties that globalization has brought in its wake. The reach of globalization is yet to touch many parts of the world. Moreover, the evidence suggests that the process has not removed personal and regional income disparities. In many developing countries, growth is by-passing the rural areas. Also, in the face of stagnation in their real pay, the working classes in industrialized countries are becoming fearful of the opening of markets. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening. This, coupled with the inability of the public sector to provide adequate and quality services in health and education, and cater to the needs of the poor, is causing resentment and alienation. This is nurturing divisive forces and putting pressure on the practice of democracy.

These are real and palpable concerns and they cannot be ignored. Ladies and gentlemen, I suggest to you that we address these vital concerns by making globalisation an inclusive process. We need to work for inclusive globalisation. This calls for a new global vision

He accepts:

* Growth is By passing Rural areas. We name this scenario as cancer spots of Liberalisation epidemic. Cut this cancer parts by Boycotting Government in Rural areas.

* The gap between rich and poor is widening.

* The inability of governance to address the grievances of poor and under privillaged population of a country is growing(Education, health etc).

* This process made the sapce for Democracy to shrink. - In our words - people now a days dislike the Government. This make those people to organize and struggle against the state. This struggle has to be strangled at neck by Manmohan sing.

While he accepts this grave situation is araising out of the ill process called globalisation, he says they are mere concerns(Vital concerns, afterwards). That is, life or death problem of very people of a country is just a concern for Dr. Manmohan Singh. And this also after the long period of suffering of our people and especially the rural poors.

May he remain in his musing and Do his slavery job for the sake of Lord Machauley!

We working people who have self respect should organize to protect our National Interest By over throwing this Comprador** political class to waste bucket!

**Comprador - Who helps Imperialists to exploite his country. May be a politician or a businessman(Comprador Politician, Comprador Capitalist).

Very particularly Manmohan sing talks about the pivotal problems of India like countries. But where he is talking about this? In briton.

He requests(begs) those people to do something so that our problem should be solved. Have he ever discussed this in the so called Indian democractic(Pseudo) plarform - The Parliament. Never, But begs our old colonial masters. Does this mean our Parliament is just an extension of those Imperialists regime?

Before 1947 also our great same leaders use to go to briton and beg them to give us(india) some concessions. and our parliament at that time acted just as an rupper stamp(as it is acting now - Nuclear Pact, Military Pact etc)


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