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Sunday, June 25, 2006 

The life line of Expired Capitalism

A recent report of ILO(International Labour Organisation-A UN' organization) reveals that half of the world's labour force is afflicted by 'Working Poverty'. This means workers who have jobs yet live on the fringes of poverty.

The report also worries that employment growth has slipped back globally.

The reason it states for this abysmal state of global work force is that the present economic, technologial progression is not inclusive. That is, the progression is doing nothing to exploit rapidly growing human resource(Unemployment).

The report states, for example while outsourcing is taking away local jobs from USA, the Indian labour market is full of concern about massive unemployment levels of unskilled labour.

Archives Dated: 30 November 2005

Reforms slow down job creation rate: RBIWednesday November 30 2005 00:00 IST

MUMBAI: The Reserve Bank of India, on Tuesday, said economic reforms have slowed down the rate of job creation though it accelerated GDP growth rate.“Reforms of the economy have brought many disappointments along with it. Slow down of the rate of job creation might be seen as the most important failure of the process,” RBI Principal Advisor and Chief Economist Narendra Jadhav said at an Exim Bank function here. ""
Though the report is formed from a capitalist perception, it identifies the problem correctly.
While the globalisation itself is a mean to create new markets and to give way for intensified exploitation of existing markets by MNCs, one cannot expect it doing other than profit for MNCs.

The irony of the present economic system is that the resources(Human) are queing up and competiting between themself to be get exploited by this system. They(resources) even refine(undergo training, courses) themself inorder to reduce the burden of MNCs(of training a labour).

Thus we(labour) give opprtunity to MNCs to exploit us. Though the world and human soceity having various fields that need real progression, the present system of 'Profit Tag' prevents the human soceity from doing so.

If the profit tag is removed, will create more and more opportunities to exploit human resources in a constructive way.

In present context, If something done with real concern for the developement for the soceity, it araise only out of the fear of social distress, mass uprisings, revolution.

Mear nuclear bomps, Mobile techology is not the development required for the present soceity. The technological, economical developement boasted by the fans of globalisation is not even reaching 30% of population of the world.

If even something like progression is done for that section(We), it is like British paved rail tracks, Electric connection and industrial developement in India for their better exploitation of
resources(including human resources).

If that progression is not made by this system, it may not survive this long.

The contribution of capitalism to the world is over. It's historical duty to the human society is fullfilled. It is extending it's stay with human soceity. The relevance of capitlist way of managing things in the present techologically developed soceity, is no more a wise idea. This expired system of resource management should be demolished.
This over expired system has it's life line on recolonisation. Which prevents natural eveolution, developement of countries like India(while Indian Agri still remains as old world, cities like mumbai, bangalore of ultra neo world are existing).

While the entire soceity is involved in production, few have ownership on the yields of the labour. This contradiction of present system should be resolved.
Now, it become the duty of every member of human soceity to drive away the ownership of world resources from few hands. The world resources should be controled by the society for it's own developement. In this every member will work for the soceity and the society as whole works for each and every member.

makku mada sambrani,
it is not that reforms slowed job creation, it is the lack of it the main reason.
itha padi

Unga Appa ilaina unga sonthakaranga ellam onnu CPI illaina D M k 'la member 'a irrukangala, athanalathan nee ippadi pesuriya. Marketing padicha periya paruppu aga mudiyadhu. Pol.Sci illaina Econ padichhitu Capitalism Socailism pathi pesu. Illaina .... moodu

//The Reserve Bank of India, on Tuesday, said economic reforms have slowed down the rate of job creation though it accelerated GDP growth rate.“Reforms of the economy have brought many disappointments along with it. Slow down of the rate of job creation might be seen as the most important failure of the process//

yee loosu anony....

It is RBI that tells the above statement..

do you mean our RBI is 'makku' or The anti people Indianeconomics site is 'Makku'.

If you have enough cuts, read my other postings and disproove my claim that globalisation process is a trick of imperialism....

You know lot about econ correct.... that is what you have claimed....

So please disproof my postings :-)))

Or do you mean RBI doesn't study Economics?....

Who told that I study Marketting....

You proov again and Again that you are a Loose

qHqfGB write more, thanks.

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