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Wednesday, June 21, 2006 

Indian Freedom and Imperialism - Immediately after August 15

There are wide spread criticism that the failure of Indian economy before 1990 was it's affiliation with socialism. And the failures of the post 1990 economy is very comfortably used by Anti communist forces to attribute failure to communism.

But the real thing is that Nehru adopted the color of socialism to paint Indian economy, only to prevent India from becoming a Socialist country.

That period of history was known for it's Socialist wave all around the world.

The word socialism was so famous among the mass that each and every politician used the word.

That is why even Anna, MGR(Tamil nadu) said that they are socialists. MGR in his films always talks about this. each and evey politicians, Artists etc show their affiliation with Socialism.

Socialism was the best brand at that time.

Anna(Tamil Nadu) even said that: 'We will go to Mascow and tell them that we are the real communists in India'.

Thus the above is the reason behind Nehru adopting socialist hue to Indian Economy.

It is only a colour not a real socialst economy or as if known as partial socialist economy(is there anything called partial medication?).

But our economy was really serving the Imperialist countries ambitions even at that time itself.

Those who find this unable to digest have to consider the below in mind:

We got freedom because,

- India fast becoming country of next communist revolution(after China).

- If that happens, it will be the death blow to Imperialist countries.

- Post world war II imperialist countries(France, Britten etc) were worn out due to war.

- USA which master minded the world war for its ambition to change the world order(most of the markets were shared between Europe countries, and Japan was fast expanding its market by capturing south east asain countries which was a threat to USA economy. So USA helped initiating a world war to clear way for it's imperialist ambition).

- Now due to world war II, USA got it's all enemies, competitors were ruined except USSR. Now it can leverage it's power on world to change the world order as it's wish(only hinderance is USSR).

- Due to USA pressure to give it's legitimate share of world markets and socialist threat made Briten to gave control of India to Indian Feudalist and capitalist(Congress). Thus imperialists made sure that their ambition in India won't get affected(instead if the country were in Communists hand, imperialists cannot do anything).

- As USSR become a role model for poor, starving working class of the world, The non socialists countries(India etc) were forced to adopt some kind of economy that would give those majority people the feeling of socialism.

Thus the above Socio, economic condition of that period made Nehru to paint Indian Economy with Socialst color(just a color).

Still, at that time itself Imperialists were continue doing their good job in India. that is exposed in the following Article based on some series of articles that appeared in Gandhi' Harijan magazine during that period(Article in Tamil.

Sir...you should get your history right. Dont know where you got the information that WW-II was started by the US and not Germany.

Did you not know that the US refused UK's repeated requests to enter the war until Japan hit pearl harbour.

Sir...you should get your history right. Dont know where you got the information that WW-II was started by the US and not Germany.

Did you not know that the US refused UK's repeated requests to enter the war until Japan hit pearl harbour.

Welcome Eshwar,

I did get history not only from my school text books.

You have to learn history from various other sources. You have to learn history by connecting various informations you come across.

US did't enter the War, that is why it was not ruined by world war.

anyway World War II would have happened because of struggle between Imperialist countries for Market sharing.

But US manipulated the situation for its global ambition. and it achieved the same.

that still does not mean the US started the war.

Once it entered the war, it worked towards winning it and that is not wrong.

It effectively means starting a war. Will you say only if US directly entered the War?

Not requried, The backstage politics are well exposed now days that US like imperialist were always in the struggle of conquerint others for their market share. That is what lead to the war - The deprivation of Germany to access global market.

I used the word "Master minded'. Means they liked a war must happen between Germany Japan and Russian. Their entire socio politcal agencies were working towards it.

And they did acheived it some how

Why cannot you take japan and germany as model. Inspite of defeat in the world war they are equal to usa and gives usa a run for their money and politics.

We just wants to blame other. Every human body always carries microbes and viruses. The body gets affect when the defence mechanism is weak.

hope u understand logic

Japan and Germany were not colony of any country. They fought in the war itseld says they are economically so strong engough to wage a war.

The war itself is a Byproduct of feud between Imperialist countries - Namely japan, Germnay, USA, Briton etc - over the control of World resoruces and market.

As japan was fast expanding it's market tentacils till down-south of Asia, America became alert to thwart that growth. And Germany was in rapid industrial revolution it was in such vigour thirst for a market and resource to continue the revolution. This conflicts caused tremendous pressure in the political economical scenario. And resulted in a War.

Now tell me how come Japan-Germany is equilvelant to India?

I think you missed the logic somewhere :-))


//We just wants to blame other. //

Do you want to say this to our Suciding farmers? As they blame themself for the criminal activities of this economic system.

///The body gets affect when the defence mechanism is weak.//

Yes you are correct in saying this... I ask people to aware of this Weakness and ask people to make our country healtheir by driving away these viruses (Imperialists and The local politicians and Broker Capitalist helping imperialism).

How do you think? Would you join this Virus Killing activity?

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