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Politics of Fanaticism

What the BJP's election campaign CD `Bharat ki Pukar' presents — excerpts from the transcript
Special Correspondent
New Delhi: Here are some detailed excerpts from the verbatim transcript, translated from the Hindi original, of the VCD titled `Bharat ki Pukar' released by the Bharatiya Janata Party as part of its campaign material for the Uttar Pradesh elections. It is on the basis of the contents of this VCD — which the BJP says it has `withdrawn' — that the Election Commission has directed the registration of an FIR against a veteran State party leader who launched the VCD, the party's national president, and some others.
The VCD consists of a series of fictionalised scenes revolving around several dramatis personae including Masterji, a BJP campaigner, and an unnamed social worker. Judging from the final credits, a large number of actors were used to make the VCD.
[Editor-in-Chief's note: The Hindu considers the dialogue and message contained in this CD to be highly communal and offensive. It is publishing excerpts from the transcript because it believes the Indian public has a right to be informed about the reasons behind the ongoing controversy. Several TV channels have already shown visuals from the offensive CD.]
Opening credits: BJP Uttar Pradesh presents `Bharat ki Pukar' (`The Call of India')
Voiceover: Today Mother India is screaming aloud, "Oh my sons, save me from being broken into pieces again. I no longer have the strength to be enslaved another time. By using terrorists, spreading fear and dividing us, Pakistan wants to break India into pieces. Hyenas hungry for political power are egging them on. They have forgotten what the consequences of this will be. Now, ordinary people of India have to think, do they want slavery again or Ram Rajya in their independent India."
(Cut to image of Ram)
[Song — Ai Bharat ma tere charano mein... ]
[Flag of the BJP, clips of BJP leaders]
Section title: A contemporary picture of India and Uttar Pradesh
The scene: Newspaper delivery boy cycles past shouting headlines about terrorist attacks.
1. Bharat desh aatankvad ke giraft mein.
Masterji goes around telling people to come to January 26 flag hoisting. At the meeting, only four or five people come. Masterji laments the poor showing but gives a stirring speech and shouts `Vande Mataram.'
The camera immediately cuts to the image of a Muslim man (identified by cap on head) planting a bomb under a white Ambassador car.
Episode: Cow slaughter
Cut to scene in idyllic village home with soothing music. Two men rest in courtyard next to tethered cow.
Cut to two young men walking outside, wearing pants and shirts and carrying long lathis.
Youth 1: Bhai Javed, the Hindu village has come.
Youth 2: Salim, you are right. Hurry up and take out the stuff, the tika and red thread (kalava).
[Javed opens bag and puts tika on Salim's forehead.]
Salim: Bhai, put it properly.
[They then tie the kalava on each other's wrist while Javed looks around furtively.]
Javed: Now no one will recognise us [laughs].
The two walk into the courtyard of the home with the cow.
Javed: Uncle, Ram, Ram!
Uncle: What's up? Where have you come from?
Javed: We want a cow. The doctor has said we should give milk to our child. So seeing your cow, we have come. Will you sell me your cow?
Uncle: We have cow's milk. And we can sell it too.
Javed: What you say is true. But sell us this cow. Our child can drink milk and we will look after the cow.
Uncle: The sons of butchers have come around many times ...
[Cut to look of panic on Javed's face, cut to kalava on wrist]
... and even offered me 3,500 rupees. I told them I wouldn't sell it for even a lakh. But if you keep it at home and look after it, you can have it.
Javed: But uncle, 3500 is too much.
Uncle: Brother, give me what you want. You are one of us.
Javed: Uncle, I can only give 3000. I'm a poor man.
Uncle: Take it, but on one condition. Don't sell it to the butchers.
Javed: Uncle, we are not Muslims.
[He pays the money and takes the cow.]
[Cut to scene of Uncle sleeping. His nephew comes in.]
Nephew: Uncle, you've sold the cow to butchers and now you are sleeping!
Uncle: No, they were the Hindu boys. They had a tika on their forehead and kalava on their wrists. I saw it with my own eyes. It's only after seeing that that I sold it.
Nephew: I saw the butcher's sons on my way here. Neither did they have a tilak nor kalava. Aren't you ashamed? You sold your cow to the butchers.
Uncle: Are you telling me the truth?
Nephew: I know those boys.
Uncle: Oh, no this is a terrible thing that has happened. [Starts calling out for help, if anyone can find them] ... We'll find them and beat them up and bring my cow back.
Nephew: Ha! You are not going to find your cow. They've probably already killed her.
[Cut to 50-second-long footage of a buffalo being slaughtered, including scenes of the blood pouring out from its throat.]
Text: The present government is giving full support to butchers. Cruel atrocities are being committed on Gaumata.
Uncle [head in hands]: This is a terrible crime, what am I going to do?
Nephew: You can cry about this your whole life. You've committed a big sin by selling your cow to the butchers.
Scene 2: `Duty of Muslim women to increase population'
Masterji stops a woman on the road.
Masterji: My child.
Woman: Yes.
Masterji: Elections are coming. Think carefully before you vote. And put your stamp only on the lotus symbol. Because if peace can come to this country, then it can come only under the BJP's rule. Congress and Samajwadi are the government of mullahs and maulvis.
Woman: Forgive me for saying so, but I am also a Muslim and Mullahs and Maulvis consider women their personal property.
[Cut to group women in black chador]
Woman 1: The duty of a woman is to produce children and increase the population.
Woman 2: What this sister says is right. Our leaders have issued an order. That those who produce more than 10 children will get economic assistance.
[Cut back to woman and Masterji]
Woman: This religion considers us as objects to be used.
Masterji: Well said, my child. If all the women become educated and wise like you, then this country's fate will improve.
[Cut to real news clip of speech by saffron-clad woman. "Hindus will produce two children and Muslims will marry five times and produce 35 pups and make this country into an Islamic state."]
Scene 3: "You will all have to grow beards"
Masterji [to group of shopkeepers]: Don't let this opportunity pass by. This time if you don't vote for the BJP, disaster will strike this country. The country will be destroyed. The BJP is a party that thinks about the country. It thinks about the Hindu religion. There is no other party like it. The other parties, they are all agents of the Muslims. What else have they done other than this? Prices have gone up. I tell you, we must vote only for the BJP.
Shopkeeper: Masterji, it's time for me to run my shop. Here Hindus and Muslims both come. What is it to me whose government is formed? You have unfurled the BJP's flag first thing in the morning. If you'd like a cup of tea, you are welcome. Otherwise, please excuse me.
Masterji: Tea? You think I am desperate for your tea? It's because I'm concerned about this country and our religion that I'm asking you to vote for the BJP. If you don't vote BJP, you will regret it. This country will be enslaved. First it was enslaved by the British, now it will be enslaved by the Muslims. Even earlier it was enslaved by the Muslims. That Aurangzeb earlier cut your choti [tuft of hair] and took off your sacred thread. And now these tikas on your forehead will have to go and in their place you will have to grow beards. That day you will repent, Panditji. And you will be destroyed and so will this country.
Shopkeeper: He is really irritating!
Friend: Panditji, you are calling the Masterji mad but everything he said is right. If today we don't take care, these tilaks will go and we will all be sporting beards and caps.
Scene 4: `You will end up in burqas'
Masterji [to group of women complaining about the price rise]: Listen, elections are coming and only by your votes can this country and the Hindu religion be saved. Otherwise we are standing in the jaws of slavery again. This time we have to make the BJP victorious and vote on the Lotus symbol.
Woman 1: Well you men know best, we will vote where you say.
Woman 2: People keep coming to ask for our votes.
Woman 3: No one is bothered about prices.
Masterji: That is why I am saying: if the BJP is in power, everything will be all right.
Woman 1: Masterji, why are you chewing your brains? People will vote for whoever they want.
Masterji: It is your brain that has been ruined! You will end up covered in burqas and eating paan!
Scene 5: Muslims abduct Hindu girl
[A social worker comes to a village looking for Chameli chachi. Chachi is lying huddled in bed.]
Social worker: Chachi, what happened?...
Chameli: A Muslim boy pretended to be a Hindu and lured my young daughter away. Fearing badnami, my husband committed suicide. If I say I am going to the police, then those people threaten me [cut to visual of a Muslim man wearing a turban and looking threateningly] that if you report us, we will kill your child. Now you tell me what should I do?
Social Worker: Don't worry, now that I am here, we will take care of you, we will solve everything.
Chameli: Please bring my daughter back. Who knows what kinds of terrible things are happening to her.
[Cut to scene of Chameli's daughter praying in front of a portrait of Krishna.]
Daughter: Om Jai Jagadish Hare!...
[A man walks up and throws the Krishna portrait on the floor.]
Man: If you perform puja in this house again, I will really fix you. Remember that.
Girl: What is this you have done, Ram? You have thrown Bhagwanji's picture! What is this you have done, Ram?
Man: Ram? Ha ha ha! My name is not Ram, it is Shehzad Ali. And I am not a Hindu but a true Muslim! Ha Ha ha ha!
Girl: What is this you are saying? You are lying.
Man: Listen carefully to what I say because from today, I am no longer Ram and you are no longer Geeta. From today your name is Fatima Begum. And tomorrow, you will be married to this boy, Yaamin, according to our rituals. [Cut to picture of an older man laughing in an evil manner.] And then you will have to live with him.
Girl: [Crying] You are lying. This can't be.
Man [slaps girl]: And don't ever utter a name that is against our Islam. What is there in these pictures? [Camera pans to portrait of Krishna on floor.]
Where is God? This is all lies. If you want to pray, pray to that Khuda who has made the whole universe.
Girl: [Breaks down, falls at his feet, and says with folded hands] Let me go back to my home.
Man: Home? Ha ha ha! Which home? This is your home and you will have to live here. And stop this puja-wuja and start namaz. Because by tomorrow, you will have become a true Muslim. Yaamin! Come here. Take this girl away. Tomorrow you will be married to her.
Yaamin: [Grabs girl's hand] Come on, begum. I will make you happy.
[Yaamin drags girl away, minus her dupatta.]
Man: Ha ha ha! When Hindu girls get ensnared by us, they scream and shout but sadly there is no one to listen to them and we have great fun. Ha ha ha ha ha!
Written text on screen: Love in Jihad, injury to Hindu religion, and forced conversion. This is the protection provided by the SP government.
[Social worker goes on a political mission, meets Samajwadi and Congress leaders, and finally decides that the BJP is the party to support.]
Scene 6: `Soon there will be only Naqvis, no Sohanlals'
The newspaper man brings headlines of terrorist attacks. Masterji shouts that this is what he has been warning about for years but people thought he was mad. In anger, he pushes the newspaper man's bicycle, but then has a heart attack and dies.
Funeral scene: Social worker, shopkeepers, and all the dramatis personae we have met so far congregate around his body.
Shopkeeper: He was a great man, always worried about the country and our religion. One day he came to my shop and said Ramlalji, the country will be partitioned once again because Hindus are forgetting their culture and the government is taking the side of the Muslims ...
Shopkeeper 2: Yes, he was a true patriot. He used to consider the Samajwadi government as pro-Muslim and that is what is happening in reality.
Mourner: Do you know the Mulayam government has hired 13,000 Urdu teachers. So are ulema going to teach us from now? And they have removed all laudatory references to Hindus from the curriculum. What will happen to Hindu culture?
Social Worker: Who knows how many more masters will be martyred because of their concern for this country? But your eyes will still not open. And now, that day is not far away when we will be afraid to even call ourselves Hindu, and you will never be able to find a Sohanlal, Mohanlal, Atmaram, or Radhakrishan anywhere. Wherever we look, we will only see Abbas, Naqvi, Rizvi, and Maulvi. All schools and colleges will be shut down. What will open are madrasas from where fatwas will be issued to drive Hindus out from this country, enslave them — because they want to rule over here, they want to make India into Pakistan. Then it will be difficult for Hindu girls to ever venture outside their houses. Muslims will seize their houses. Then who will protect their honour?
Old man: No. We will never allow this to happen. In order to realise Masterji's dreams and prevent India from becoming Pakistan, we must live and die for the nation.
Social worker: Come, let us take a vow.
[All join hands over Masterji's body and shout `Vande Mataram! Jai Sri Ram! Vande Mataram! Jai Sri Ram!']
Social worker: Just as the slogan of Vande Mataram inspired us to throw out the British, today we have to take an oath to drive those traitors out of the country.
Visual of BJP flag
Social worker: Let us move ahead waving the flag of the BJP and the saffron flag. Jai Sri Ram!
[The CD concludes with songs, visual montages of BJP leaders giving speeches, clips of the Babri Masjid being demolished, etc.]

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The Story of Nallakaman - State Terrorism - Police

Madurai Bench confirms conviction of Premkumar

Staff Reporter

MADURAI: The Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court on Tuesday confirmed the conviction of Superintendent of Police K. Premkumar, who is under suspension, and three other policemen for assaulting and humiliating an ex-serviceman in a civil dispute in 1982.
Passing orders on a batch of petitions, Justice A. Selvam sentenced the convicts to one-month simple imprisonment and instructed the trial court to take steps to incarcerate them.
The judge did not agree with the trial court on releasing the convicts under Section 3 (power of courts to release certain offenders after due admonition) of the Probation of Offenders Act.
The Additional Sessions Court here convicted them on July 11, 2003.

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((FLASH BACK(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

His beginnings were appropriately ominous. When he was only a sub-inspector in Vadipatti in Madurai district he took upon himself the job of evicting a tenant of a fellow policeman. The ex-serviceman tenant, Nallakaman, only wanted the advance of Rs 5,000 he had made returned.

The money was not coming and so Nallakaman decided to dig in his heels. But he had failed to take into account Premkumar’s interest in the case and had to pay for his costly mistake.

On February 1, 1982 Nallakaman, his wife and son were beaten up at the Vadipatti police station by Premkumar and his colleagues. The head of the family was then handcuffed and paraded in the streets and dragged to the Vadipatti bus stand.

To top it all, a criminal case was registered against the hapless Nallakaman on charges, including attempt to murder. Public outcry followed, an RDO inquiry was ordered and the report confirmed all the allegations.

Finally, the Usilampatti RDO filed a criminal complaint against Premkumar and three others. Premkumar himself was placed under suspension.

Meantime, the case filed against Nallakaman, the one filed by the RDO against Premkumar and a private complaint preferred by Nallakaman himself dragged on in the Madurai District Sessions Court.

Interestingly, Premkumar took the Group-I services examination during the period, emerged successful and was appointed Deputy Superintendent of Police.

At one stage, he was also successful in having the Madurai proceedings quashed by the Madras High Court, but the Supreme Court reversed the ruling and directed that all the three cases be tried together and disposed of by March 31, 1995.

Premkumar moved up the ladder fast, nevertheless. As Superintendent of Police, he was perhaps unhappy that he should be bothered by the likes of Nallakaman and moved the Madras High Court to quash the proceedings against him, but it was his petition that was dismissed with costs.

While Premkumar had alleged that Nallakaman was stalling the trial, Justice Karpagavinayagam held that the cases had indeed been stalled by Premkumar and the other accused policemen and that the officer had shown disrespect to the Supreme Court and the High Court.

The judge noted that the Madurai court had issued as many as 13 non-bailable warrants against Premkumar between September 1995 and March 2000, but none of them was executed.

The judge also expressed dismay that the police officer should have ‘‘disrobed the saree of the woman teacher (Nallakaman’s wife) at the police station and attempted to remove her thali (mangalya sutra).’’

The judge went on to wonder how Premkumar came to be promoted so rapidly when his first appointment as DSP itself was temporary and subject to the issue of the Madurai trial.

But Premkumar seems to be having the last laugh now, emerging as a dashing officer who does not flinch before the might of a prestigious mutt.

If in June 2002, Justice Karpagavinayagam was appalled by what Premkumar had done as a sub-inspector at Vadipatti, more revelations were to follow barely four months later.


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State Terrorism - Atrocity Against Makkhal Mandram

ancheepuram People’s Forum or Makkal Mandram is based in Kancheepuram and has been actively working since 2000, among marginalized sections of people like Tribals (Irulars), Dalits, Women, rural and urban poor in more than 60 villages. Makkal Mandram takes up issues of gross economic inequalities faced by these people. Makkal Mandram considers the social, cultural & political repression of these people as violations of their basic human rights; Makkal Mandram conducts campaigns for bringing such awareness among the people; It works to get central and state laws implemented in favour of the marginalized people;

Issues taken up by Makkal Mandram:

Makkal Mandram has got tribals working as bonded labourers (who are Irular tribals) released from the clutches of their owners and conducted long struggles for their rehabilitation to ensure basic rights for them, like livelihood, housing and security / safety from their erstwhile owners. It has confronted and pressurized the district administration to give some land and compensation to these people. Makkal Mandram supported these Irulars to form the Makkal Mandram Brick Workers Welfare Society to run a co-operative brick kiln themselves.

Makkal Mandram has been taking up the issue of caste oppression of Dalits at the hands of the upper castes and some backward castes who perceive themselves to be higher placed (and therefore superior) in the caste hierarchy.

Makkal Mandram has been taking up issues of violence against women, which is deeply rooted, in our patriarchal society. Makkal Mandram is doing awareness raising work and taking up campaigns against female feticide and infanticide, child sexual abuse, dowry harassment, wife battering, domestic violence, sexual harassment, rape, murder and other assaults on women. Makkal Mandram has been instrumental in getting sexual assaulters of Irular tribal women convicted under SC/ST (Atrocities) Act.

Makkal Mandram was in the forefront of the campaign to expose the misdeeds of Godmen like Jayendra Saraswati & Vijayendra Saraswati, Shankaracharyas of Kancheepuram.

Makkal Mandram has also taken up environmental issues like sand quarrying in the river beds, most of which takes place illegally. This also becomes a very sensitive issue for the administration as a lot of corruption and big money is involved.

Problems with District Administration and police:

In taking up these activities, Makkal Mandram often has had to confront the district administration, revenue and police departments. Land remains a basic issue of confrontation as the district administration refuses to give land to the poor people but gives away thousands of acres of government ‘poromboke’ land to foreign companies. Hence the administration has been trying to suppress Makkal Mandram for the past several months now in various ways due to several of the campaigns and issues taken up.

The Donkey Protest:

Many people of the Irular community are living in riverbeds and roadsides with no land or houses of their own. Since they have been living in the same place for years together, Makkal Mandram represented to the District Administration to give atleast 3 cents of land to each family. This issue has been taken up vigorously for the past more than a year. With a change in government in May 2006, Makkal Mandram hoped to get a better response as the DMK party has promised 2 acres of land to each poor family during the elections. The District Collector too was appointed by this govt. Hence Makkal Mandram met him several times with delegations of Irular people concerning this demand. However, he resolutely refused to accept it. In one meeting on 17.06.2006, he very arrogantly told Makkal Mandram activists that lands in this district are very precious and meant only for companies and I will not give it to these Irulars. So Makkal Mandram took up a weeklong poster campaign highlighting the plight of these people and the administrations indifference to their demands. When that too had no impact, Makkal Mandram decided on a novel method of protest. On 26.06.2006, Makkal Mandram put up a pandal in a prominent place (with police permission) where around 30 persons lay down on mats with files for pillows and chatting on phones etc to signify the working of a typical govt. office. They also had a donkey with a placard around it saying district administration. The people came in a queue to give their representations and memos concerning their requests / demands to the ‘District Administration’ and the donkey kept on eating these promptly! It was a symbolic protest, which was peaceful and democratic. On the collector’s orders, 8 leading activists of Makkal Mandram (4 men and 4 women) were booked under Section 124A (sedition / conspiracy against the state). They came out on getting bail from the Chennai High Court after about 13 days. The sessions court had refused bail as the prosecution strongly objected to granting of bail to them.

After this incident too, Makkal Mandram carried on its regular work and its activists kept meeting the Collector alongwith the rural people from time to time, especially on grievance days.

Parking Fee Protest:

In the month of Feb. 2007, the district administration introduced a new system. All vehicles including two-wheelers and cycles entering the Kancheepuram Collectorate Office premises had to pay parking fees at fixed rates. All government departments are mostly located in this campus. The District Collector was the Chairperson of the Society which was formed to collect this parking fee. The collection of parking fee from the public who have to visit the office complex frequently and repeatedly to get their grievances redressed, in view of lengthy procedural delays put a lot of hardships to the poor people especially those coming from the rural areas. Hence Makkal Mandram opposed the introduction of parking fee. The police denied permission to organize a protest demonstration. Still Makkal Mandram went ahead with the demonstration on 07.02.2007. Several hundreds of people were arrested at around 8.30 am even before they started the demonstration. The police tried to book a case on some 8-10 activists. But when the assembled people all threatened to get arrested, the police finally had to release all of them. This campaign received wide publicity and the public too supported it. Hence the District Administration was forced to withdraw it.

Grievance Day incident

Every Monday is a Grievance Day in Tamil Nadu when people can meet the District Collector with their grievances. Some activists of Makkal Mandram had accompanied the Irular tribal people from Karukkupettai and Muthialpettai villages to the Kancheepuram Collectorate Office to give representations regarding the problems of basic amenities faced by them at the ‘Grievance Day’ meeting on 19.02.2007. They met the collector and gave the representations. When the District Collector, Pradeep Yadav, saw the activists of Makkal Mandram, he got very angry and shouted at them, “Should I do it because you ask me to?” and then abused these women activists using the foulest possible sexist language like “Bastards, Bloody fools” and shrieked “get out”. At this point he jumped up from his seat, gestured violently and threatened them saying “this is the last warning. If you come with these village people again, I will not do anything for them”. He shouted at all the villagers who had come there to get out at once. They got so shocked they left the place at once. The next day, on 20.02.2007, Makkal Mandram did a lot of wall postering in Kancheepuram condemning the Collector’s behaviour.

Sexual Harassment of Makkal Mandram activists and 307 case against women:

On the next day 21.02.2007, there was a Makkal Mandram branch being opened in Nathapettai village. Three Makkal Mandram activists, Asha @ Hemavathy, Sarasu @ Sengodi and Ramesh went to the Bus stand and took a bus. Immediately, three guys got into the bus. One of them came and sat next to Sarasu and pinched her waist. She started crying. Asha and Ramesh noticed this and objected. Immediately, the three eve-teasers caught hold of Ramesh and beat him up. They went on using foul language throughout the 45 minute journey. As the bus neared Nathapettai, one guy jumped down and ran off. The other two followed the Makkal Mandram activists and got off at Nathapettai. Since the programme was being held in an enclosed ground close to the bus stop, several activists of Makkal Mandram had gathered there. When Ramesh narrated the incident to them, they questioned the guys about their behaviour. Those two guys arrogantly challenged Makkal Mandram people. Hence the people caught hold of them and said we will take you to the police station. Just then senior activists of Makkal Mandram arrived there. They tried to intervene and sort out the matter amicably. But one of the eve-teasers rang up his friends and asked them to come with knives and lathis. Hearing this, one of the MM activists rang up all the police stations. But no police help came. Within the next ten minutes, some 30 guys rushed into the ground (it was closed on three sides with a small gate, one side was a paddy field with a narrow passage) and attacked Makkal Mandram activists, mainly women, with thick lathis. Hence, Makkal Mandram activists were forced to defend themselves. In the melee, three male activists from Makkal Mandram and three from the attacker’s side got injured.

The police arrived at the Kancheepuram General Hospital and instead of recording a complaint of eve-teasing arrested Makkal Mandram activists (5 women and 2 men) under several sections including 307 (attempt to murder). The two girls who were sexually harassed on the bus, Asha and Sarasu were also arrested. Asha is a Dalit and Sarasu is a tribal. The FIR also says 50 other unnamed persons were involved in the attack. The three eve-teasers were booked under Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Women Harassment Act. But only one of them was arrested. Two others are still absconding, according to the police. But they have been roaming about the town following women activists of Makkal Mandram.

After this, the police have let loose a rein of terror and harassment against Makkal Mandram and its members and did all kinds of unlawful things.

1. The five women activists were held at the all Women Police Station at Kancheepuram throughout the night of 21.02.2007, without any FIR or case. It was illegal detention. They were informed of their arrest only at 7.30 am the next morning. They were not even allowed to contact the commune members or lawyer and their cell phones were taken away.

2. That night (21.02.2007) two jeepfuls of policemen including the DSP Muniappan forcibly entered the Makkal Mandram Commune at 1.30 in the night to search for other activists. At that time only three women members of the commune were present. The police came without warrant and without any woman police.

3. The next day on 22.02.2007, at around 12.00 noon, DSP Muniappan came with all male police team to search the Makkal Mandram commune (with search warrant). They took away daily expenses account book and some documents. (These had no relevance to the case). This search lasted for more than 3 hours.

4. Kumar and Ramesh were admitted to G.H. and arrested immediately. The police did not allow commune members to meet them. At 1.30 in the night of 21.02.2007, a policeman came in mufti and told Kumar some relative had come to meet him and tried to take him out of the hospital to a lonely spot. It could have been an attempt to encounter him. Kumar was alert and ran back into the hospital. He refused to go anywhere after that.

5. Kumar’s Tata Sumo was towed away from the Govt. hospital without giving information or seizure memo. The lock was broken open by the police. Now the stepney, car radio, some books, one bag, one small money purse with some money and silver anklets etc are missing from it.
6. On 23.02.2007, a big police posse went to Mangalpadi village where rehabilitated bonded labourers have their co-operative brick kiln. On finding only women in the village, DSP Muniappan threatened the women there. He also made enquires about where they had come from. They gave the names of the mills where they were held as bonded labourers earlier. The next day, some erstwhile owners were seen roaming around these villages. This seems to be deliberate intimidation of ex-bonded labourers by the police.

7. The police have gone to other villages where Makkal Mandram is active e.g., Amman Nagar, Orikkai, Kolivakkam and Kamugampalam etc and intimidated the villagers there. Just a few days back, the police went to Nathapettai village where the incident took place and interrogated the Irular people there.

8. From 22.02.2007 till now, goondas have been following Makkal Mandram women activists wherever they go. They keep on whizzing past the commune during the day and night hours too. They make threatening gestures at women activists. There were atleast 6 anonymous calls threatening Mahesh with dire consequences. On the phone they also claim that the DSP and Collector are behind them, so they can do anything.

9. The Collector is reported to have said that he will wipe out Makkal Mandram from the District.

10. There are also apprehensions that some case may be foisted on Mahesh, Jessy and Kumar under Goondas Act or NSA.

11. On 18.03.2007, i.e., today the police arrested ten Irular tribal people from three villages on the same charges viz., Section 307. These were people who had gone to meet the District Collector and give him their representation reg. lack of land pattas, drinking water and other basic facilities, on grievance day held on 19.02.2007. The police seem to have got their names and addresses from the memorandums submitted by them to the District Administration.

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மக்கள் மன்றத்தின் மீது அரசு எந்திரத்தின் வன்முறை!


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Secular Kashmir - Hiden history!!

'The secular Fabric of Kashmir' - The history most of us unaware of.

Hindhu fanatics and other religious fantics and India-Pakhistan ruling class must answer this Fact.
*1352 - 1373 ==>
Sultan Shihabud-dinhis dynasty ruled the state for 222 years. His army mainly consisted of Damras, Lavans and the hill tribes of Poonch, Rajapuri and Kishtwar. The important commanders who served under him were both Hindus and Muslims, such as Chandra-Damra, Laula Damara, Shura, Syed Hassan and Abdul Raina His two important Hindu ministers were Kota Bhat and Udyashri.

He was tolerant ruler and treated his Hindu subjects generously. It is reported that owing to prolonged campaigns he needed money, and his ministers asked him to loot the temples, but he stoutly opposed the proposal, and to quote Jonaraj, he is reported to have said in anger: "Past generation have set-up images to obtain fame, and earn merit, and you propose to demolish them. Some have obtained renown by setting up images of gods, others by worshipping them, some by maintaining them, and you propose demolishing them. How great is the enormity of such a deed ".

* 1389 ==> (This period is marked by Islamic Aggrsion and Atrocities)
Qutab-ud-din died, and he was succeeded by his eldest son Sultan-Sikandar. It was in the time of this Sultan, that the political atmosphere of the state was vitiated. He imposed Jizia upon Hindus and stopped them to use tilak on their fore-heads. Writes M. Hassan: "In their misplaced zeal for their faith, Sikandar and his minister Saif-ud-din (who was originally a Hindu) were also responsible for the destruction of images and temples ."

* 1420 - 1470 ==>
Shahi-Khan or Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin, ascended the throne in 1420 A. D. and ruled upto 1470 A. D. nearly for half a century. His accession to the throne, proved to be the return of a bright and warm day after a cold and a chilly night.
In the words of Pandit Anand Kaul: "possessed of a broad and tolerant outlook, with a desire to benefit mankind, he ruled with such equity, and justice and did so much to improve the material prosperity of the people, that one can not fail to admire him, his benevolent rule demands special homage in as much as he lived in a period when he had no worthy and enlightened contemporary to emulate. In the world around him, he could have little to help him. He was a potentate encouraged to be tyrannical and selfish by tradition, and especially by the examples of his father, Sultan Sikander. Zain-ul-Abidin was deservedly surnamed Budshah or the great King. In spite of 5 centuries having rolled by since he ruled, his name is still remembered with genuine reverence and gratitude. Take the name of Budshah before a Kashmiri, and at once with a happy countenance he will rhyme it with Pad-Shah ".
Writes another modern historian M. Hassan : " of all the Sultans who sat on the throne of Kashmir, Zainulabidin was undoubtedly the greatest. He ushered in a period of nearly half a century of peace, prosperity, and benevolent rule for his people. He introduced many arts and crafts for which Kashmir has become famous ever since. He promoted learning, music and painting and made Kashmir the centre of great culture. He won the loyality and affection of his subjects who called him Budshah or the great king, a name by which he is remembered even to day by the people of Kashmir. He acquired a halo in popular imagination which still surrounds his name inspite of the lapse of nearly 500 years."

Thsi Sulthn did the following things:
==> One of the most outstanding features of his administration was the just and liberal treatment of the Hindus, who were not only allowed complete freedom of worship, but the Sultan recalled all those who had fled to India in the time of his father.

==> He allowed those Hindus who had forcibly been converted, to return to their former religion.

==> The Sultan banned cow slaughter and permitted the repair and rebuilding of the temples at government expenses.

Do you know what has been gifted for Kashmir due it's religious tolerance?

The Sultan opened schools and hostels for the students. It is for encouragement of arts and crafts that Kashmir will be permanently indebted to the Sultan. In the Hindu times, the valley was equally famous for its arts and crafts but these had greatly suffered in the chaos which lasted for over two hundred years. The Sultan invited competant teachers from countries to Kashmir, so that they could train people here. Among many industries introduced by him, we can mention carpet, paper machine, paper making, silk rearing, shawls, manufacture of gun powder etc. Kashmir became so famous for beautiful designs on silks and shawls that our state acquired an unrivalled fame in Asia.

*1561- 1587 ==>
The last Shahmiri ruler, Sultan Habib Shah, a weakling was deposed by his commander, and nobles raised on throne Gazi Chak, a prominent military General of the time. He was the direct descendant of Lankar Chak who had come to Kashmir towards the close of Hindu rule. The Chak rule began in Kashmir in 1561 and lasted till 1587, when Akbar, the great Moghul Emperor conquered Kashmir.

* 1587 to 1752 - Moghual Period.
and in this period undoubtedly the people enjoyed peace and orderly Govt. There were some rapacious officers, but on the complaint of the people the Moghul rulers immediately removed them. Owing to the long peaceful rule of the three Moghul Kings, hundreds of people now began to come to Kashmir to find mental peace, to regain their health or attain spiritual salvation.

Aurangezeb's reign was a signal for revolts and rebellions in several parts of the country. In distant parts of the empire commenced an era of lawlessness, anarchy and disorder. Many states became independent under their subedhars who founded new independent states. A reign of disorder also started in Kashmir. The Moghul Governors began to loot and plunder the people, and at the same time ruthlessly started a policy of religious bigotry and fanaticism. There was absolute chaos in northern India after the invasion of Nadir Shah of Persia. The people of Kashmir could no longer tolerate the misrule of Moghul satraps, and accordingly when Ahmad Shah Abdali of Kabul was at Lahore in 1752, two Kashmir nobleman Mir Muquim Kant and Khwaj'a Zahir Didmari, waited upon him at Lahore, and disgracefully requested him to bring Kashmir under his control.

* 1752 - 1819 ==>
Afgan Rule Kashmir remained a dependency of Kabul rulers till 1819, roughly a period of 67 years. The Pathan rule is the darkest period in the history of our state. It is true, that all sections of people suffered here during their time, but the chief vicitims of these fiends were the Hindus, Shias and Bombas of Jhelum valley.

It is strange that during this dark period a Hindu also became a Governor here. His name was Raja Sukh Jeevan Mal. It was only in his time that Kashmir heaved a sigh of relief. He was afterwards defeated and killed by Ahmad Shah. The Pathan rulers are now only rememberd for their brutality and cruelity, and it is said of them that they thought no more of cutting off heads than plucking a flower.

This peace is from Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari. Every body know What is the political afilifation of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari.
40 Years of Skindar's rule, 50 or so years of Aurangezeb's. Around 100 Years of Islamic atrocity in total of 450 Years(Excluding Afghan rule). The year marked by the rule of Afghans was miscery to everybody. So this is not included. Till today Kashmiri Pandits remind Kashmir of post Indian freedom for it's Cultural rich history and Religious tolerance.

Whom should we blame for this? is it not fault of the ugly politics of India and Pakishtan which opressed the feeling of Kashmiri Nationalism?

Religous Bigotery is the nature of every religion. Even The so called democratic Hinduism Also one among the worst in this regard. Samanam, Pauthama, Saarvaagam, Logaayautham, Sidha are few bore the brutality of Hinduism....

While the Islam not has continues history of atrocity. The hinduism has not even a single day of Non atrocity. Till today it continues with it's religious fanticism regardless of it is in power or not.

What is the meaning of Pet aversion to puja in Tamil, Not allowing other caste people to Temple, and other cultural arrogancy? If those who claim that hinduism is democratic then they must answer why the Village and Rural Small gods are become Sanskriticed while being inducted in to Hindhuism. Why can not they retain their old customs and Rituals. Instead those gods were forced to adopt Brahmanic Customes and Rituals?

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006 

Globalisation is doing Bad - Says Prime Minister

For quite a Long time We communist say - Globalisation is just an another way by Imperialism inorder to postpone it's abysmal death Fall.

If you accept the fact that the life expectancy of Imperialism depends on it's continuation of exploitation of resources in third world countries like India, then you would find how dangerous this globalisation process is.

For this claim we are providing lots of proof both from the words of ruling Class as well from the various facts we receive. And I too have given quite a good lot of statistics and constructive arguments to bolster our claim.

Now came a great confession from our Great Prime Minister about the ill effects of globalisation. The same Prime minister who, last time confessed about his illicit blood relationship with Old colonial Masters-The British, By praising Briton for whatever it did for India during colonial occupation. As far as we know from various sources that British did a lot of exploitation and atrocities in India. Some body sitting in the other cubicle might be wondering what the hell in the world made Mr. Prime minister to praise Briton for it's colonial oppressions in India. May be the degree conferred to him by Oxford? No I don't think so. It is the great Lord Machauley who created our Indian Slave education system should be given all the credits for Manmohan's accolade on good intentions of British raj.

Here we should remind that Manmohan is the guy who started all this ill prone liberalisation process by opening up the Indian market to outcast man eaters - The MNCs during the 1990s. The Man eaters already tasted enough flesh from farmers. Soon they would even target their Neo Darlings - Low cost Software employees of India. That is a different story to expatiate. Now let us see what and how our great Uncle Manmohan has confessed.

Globalisation: Some Concerns

These achievements of the era of globalization should not blind us to the new anxieties that globalization has brought in its wake. The reach of globalization is yet to touch many parts of the world. Moreover, the evidence suggests that the process has not removed personal and regional income disparities. In many developing countries, growth is by-passing the rural areas. Also, in the face of stagnation in their real pay, the working classes in industrialized countries are becoming fearful of the opening of markets. The gap between the rich and the poor is widening. This, coupled with the inability of the public sector to provide adequate and quality services in health and education, and cater to the needs of the poor, is causing resentment and alienation. This is nurturing divisive forces and putting pressure on the practice of democracy.

These are real and palpable concerns and they cannot be ignored. Ladies and gentlemen, I suggest to you that we address these vital concerns by making globalisation an inclusive process. We need to work for inclusive globalisation. This calls for a new global vision

He accepts:

* Growth is By passing Rural areas. We name this scenario as cancer spots of Liberalisation epidemic. Cut this cancer parts by Boycotting Government in Rural areas.

* The gap between rich and poor is widening.

* The inability of governance to address the grievances of poor and under privillaged population of a country is growing(Education, health etc).

* This process made the sapce for Democracy to shrink. - In our words - people now a days dislike the Government. This make those people to organize and struggle against the state. This struggle has to be strangled at neck by Manmohan sing.

While he accepts this grave situation is araising out of the ill process called globalisation, he says they are mere concerns(Vital concerns, afterwards). That is, life or death problem of very people of a country is just a concern for Dr. Manmohan Singh. And this also after the long period of suffering of our people and especially the rural poors.

May he remain in his musing and Do his slavery job for the sake of Lord Machauley!

We working people who have self respect should organize to protect our National Interest By over throwing this Comprador** political class to waste bucket!

**Comprador - Who helps Imperialists to exploite his country. May be a politician or a businessman(Comprador Politician, Comprador Capitalist).

Monday, August 21, 2006 

India become Supper Power - Indians become Super Poor

There were unneccesary hocus bocus all around to celebrate Independance day. Especially those who are in abroad advertised their psudo patriotism in a vulgur way. While the country is still struggling to get even it's basic needs met. And day to day the situation become worse, these people are boasting that India is developing to become superpower. The same rhetoric those real western powers used to expliot India.
The below one is based on a mail I received. The mail was a reply to one pseudo patriotic mail.

Q. We Indians are the wealthiest among all ethnic groups in America , even faring better than the whites and the natives.
There are 3.22 millions of Indians in USA (15% of population) .
YET, 38% of doctors in USA are Indians.
12% scientists in USA are Indians.
36% of NASA scientists are Indians.
34% of Microsoft employees are Indians.
28% of IBM employees are Indians.
17% of INTEL scientists are Indians.
13% of XEROX employees are! Indians.

==> 30,000 deaths/year due to rabies(dog bite) still govt(BJP) banned low cost rabies manufactured by Kings Institute(Govt) for the shake of MNCs capturing Indian market. International Patents Right has dwindled our already suffering health care system. The first affected is Cancer drug rosed from 250 Rs to 800 Rs. Rabies 4.50 Rs in Govt hospital to 750Rs in Private.

==> 50% world's Malnutritioned Children are in India.

==> World's biggest AIDS hub(still reacent budget increased tax on AIDS and Cancer drugs).

==> 70% of people are pinned up with Agri field, Which contributes only around 5% of GDP(thus 5% of our economy is shared by 70% of people)

==> 60% of Indian children are malnutritioned which is higher than sub sahara.

==> India ranked 7th for world's most dangerous country for children.

==> India's slipped down to around 147th rank in social Indicator(Health, Education, food, Child care etc) from aronund 127th rank in the previous year.

==> Around 40% of Indians are half starved.

==> Seasonal death tolls - Summer 700, Rainy 700, Winter 700(average).

==> 1 Lakh farmers suicide death in 2 years(this is govt statistics. The real statistics will be around 2 Lakhs, as govt rejected most of the Suicide as not Farmers on technical ground-Ex: Wife of a farmer is not a farmer as she is not entitled to any farming land).

==> 70,000 small scale industries closed in karnataka alone in the last 7 years.

==> After globalisation the jobs created by IT & ITES and the other second level third level jobs created by this fields are around 4 to 5 lakhs(approx). The jobs lost due to the closer of small scale industries and labour policies of big corporates are around 13 lakhs due to the globalisation policies. These reserve people are now serving the profit by working as a contract employee. No job secutiry.

==> TCS charimen warned in the CII meeting in Mumbai on Sep 2005, that around 40 crore unemployed will be in India on 2016. That is the biggest threat to India. The recent report by govt says around 28 crore unemployed will be in India on 2020. RBI statement on 2005 December says employement growth has diminished after Globalisation.

==> The agri field is not modernised and they are coming to cities as neo nomads to sell their low cost labour. This huge internal diaspora population going to be the biggest internal threat to India. Especialy the middle class. After the farmers are driven away from Agri field it will be in the hands of MNCs to serve their market needs(the market may not be India).

==> While water scarcity is affecting everywhere. And UNO chief Kofi annan says Water wars will be the future wars. Every where water resources are provatised. Ganga was sex brokered by Vajpayee to sues demodarant. Thamirabarani was brokered to Coke(liter 1.2 paise). And lots of other rivers were given to private companies. A recent report says there wil be huge water scarcity in briton. The british govt is advising people to consume water responsible. When water scarcity hit europe Indian water resources will serve their daily need. But we Indians will end up only with the list of Indians working in MNC.

==> The Seed act prevents farmers holding seeds. They have to get license for that. Is seed a amunition?. No, But the act is to serve the Mansonta like genitically modified Seed companies to rule our Agri field.
==> India is developing by Importing wheat.

==> India became poor due to colonial exploitation by British. Where as our PM(Who born from the place where Bhgath sing also born) went to UK to receive award from Oxford University, there he thanked our british master for their colonial rule and he said India benifitted from Colonial era. Machuley turned in his graveyard proudly, hearing Manmohan's applaud of colonial era.

While the reality is like this, there are some boneless creatures thanking pepsi for appointing an Indian as it's CEO.

Is an Indian rapiest raping internationaly a proud thing?

Is an Indian Sex proker (the likes of Manmohan, Vajpayee, PC etc) prokerring internationaly a proud thing to India?

These pseudo patriotics are exposed whenever real problems of India are discussed. These people at those time will maintain either a stealthy silence or detract the discussions by raising some silly issues.
It is true that, we have very rich history, We are very tellented people in the world. Still the shackle of colonialism is not removed. Our mother is still exploited by those western powers.
This what I feel - should be remembered at this moment.
The Shackle of Slavary (Colonialism) is still depriving our all around growth. The growth whatever we see are like cancer spots.

India is Ailing.... Help Her get out of Recolonization pandemic.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006 

Are we living at the mercy of their profit?

Recent media hype over BPO industry says IT Act of India should be mabe more stringent. The reason is recent Data theft happened in BPO.

And there are couple of business magazines echoed this sentiment.

Nothing different in these kind of propaganda but the thing is, what they didn't tell, What they didn't Echoed, that makes us to criticise them.

Now a days there are wide spread crtiticism about the treatment of BPO employees. Whenever these criticism araise the above biased media would say that BPO employee are very happy.

But now a problem comes for companies they are the first to criticise and forewarn.

That is one part of the story the other part is the continuation of my recent article about jobs flying out of India. The data theft-IT Act propagande plays a vital role here also.

A recent survey by Forrester says jobs are flying out of India due to the following reasons in their own words(Business India - 12 July 2006).

"Concerns arising out of recent information security breach at HSBC's India centre coupled with high attrition rates and staffing costs could take a toll on the BPO industry, slowing down the growth to between 28 and 30 per cent in the next 12 months, warns a report by Forrester Research. "

The role of attrition rate and high cost are understandable and that is what I mentioned in my previous articles. And based on that only I asked IT employees to organize themself before the ball run out of their court.

But the inclusion of 'Secutiry concern' is a trick.

By including this, they just wanted to make sure the employee feel the guilty of himself(the data theft) for jobs flying out of India.

By creating this public opinion they can somehow reduce the crticism that they fly out of India only because to earn more profit.

By creating this public opinion they can make Employee take responsibility for their job loss(job loss of future, It is not happening now) by blaming himself for job loss.

Though they never share their profit with us, they are willing share their guilty with us.

The data theft- security concern is not the major reason for their shift from India. This is eveident from my previous article.

But there are words in Forrester report itself:

"however, points out that instance of data leakage leading to account theft is a `universal phenomenon' and that security is often much greater at IT and BPO facilities in India than at vendor or user facilities in the US and the UK."

Then wheat is the real reason for flying out of India....?It is nothing but more Profit....

And the same report says Maintenance and Developement outsourcing is going to increase. But those people will also fly away from here one fine day.

Dudes...we are not manufacuring/Servicing any software. Indeed we manufacturing/Servicing Capital(Money) for our employer.

May be your productivity increases to produce more software but if you fail to increase your productivity to produce more Capital(Money), They would sure run away from you.

Still sleaping?? Awake....

Are we living for their profit?
Are we living at the mercy of their profit?
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